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The Salt and Vinegar Chip Off

I love salt and vinegar chips, which actually was an acquired taste over the years as the flavor is quite bold. I find myself craving the tangy zing that these potato crisps pack with a punch in every bag.

We decided to have a taste test to decide which brand would win. I did the test blind so I wouldn’t be swayed by brand preference. Three white bowls were filled with the different brands and I tried one at a time and over and over again to choose my favorite. The unscientific results are below.

The Cape Cod chips were lightly fried with an even distribution of salt and vinegar which tickled my tongue with each and every bite. These chips are perfect for summer. The Kettle Brand Krinkle cut chips were very intriguing as they had ruffles which made for great texture that added to the light and airy crunch of each bite. Tim’s chips were the most satisfying in regard to the crunch factor. They were the thickest of the three and the boldest in flavor, which was applied with a bit of a heavy hand that made our tastebuds jump. The heaviness of these make them better suited for fall. The solid winner was Cape Cod. It was the perfect balance of flavor to crunch and would pair beautifully with most sandwiches without over powering it.

This was a fun little taste test experiment and I sipped the Fever-Tree ginger beer in between bites to cleanse my palate and it worked so well together. Ok, ok, the ginger beer was also spiked with Vodka, which made the test even more exciting. Choose your three favorite brands and conduct an experiment of your own for a fun night in.