Angel Wash and Rinse

There are several different shampoos I use for different reasons. I reach for one over another depending on how my hair is feeling. If my hair is dry, frizzy, lacks volume, is oily, or I (gasp) have a touch of a dry scalp, I use products to fit those needs.

I recently have been reaching for my Kevin Murphy Angel Wash and Angel Rinse more often than not. The formulation is made for fine hair that has been colored or is damaged. I get balayage color so I gave this shampoo and conditioner a try. First, the smell is amazing. It is a light, sweet, fresh scent that wafts through the hair ever so slightly. That will surely start your day off on a happy note. The containers are easy to use and look cute in the shower and the lid is located on the bottom side of the bottles and is easy to flip open and closed. As you dry your hair you will notice that your hair feels weightless, which is great for fine hair since you never want to weigh it down.

The solutions are paraben and sulfate free, contain milk proteins, protect against free radicals and inhibits UVA oxidation. These products are sure to keep your color safe from fading and help you achieve that lovely hair you see in commercials. You know the kind that bounces and glistens. My fine hair sure has more bounce after using this combination.

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