Warrior Priestess Wednesday

I used to love playing dress up as a little girl. She-Ra was one of my favorite heroines. I came across this picture today and had to blog about this look.

The heavy silver chain belt, statement necklace, cuff bracelets, chains, and rings all come together to create this warrior priestess look. Now this may be a look better suited for the Burning Man, Coachella or Tomorrowland festivals, but I love everything about it. The white scarf tied as a barely there top and short shirt over a bikini bottom is the perfect backdrop for the jewelry to create this sexy, but empowered look. Whether you feel it looks more tribal or warrior-esque is up to you, but I think we can agree that it is fab. The tan skin is perfection against the bright white and sparkling silver. So today is officially Warrior Priestess Wednesday for me and I will be crushing on this look all day.


Tiffany & Co Silver Ball Earrings

I have very few items that I wear every day, or pretty darn close to every day. One of these items is a pair of Tiffany & Co silver ball earrings my friend Jenn gave me as a wedding present for standing up as her bridesmaid in her wedding.

Jenn has been a dear friend since college. We joined the same sorority and have remained friends ever since. The gift she gave me was so perfect because it exudes class, style and luxury all at once. They are the large silver ball earrings and are the perfect size to wear daily and go with literally everything. I also mix silver and gold all the time, so in my book, they match all my jewelry. I will never forget the lovely speech Jenn gave as she handed the gift to me. She told all in attendance what my friendship meant to her and what qualities I possess that she loves. It was a tender moment that brought us all to tears and when I wear them, I always think of her.

These are the perfect gift for women of all ages and come wrapped in that iconic teal box with a white bow. They are affordable and with the holidays just around the corner, I hope this post inspires you to buy them for some lucky lady in your life.

The ball earrings retail for $150 for the 8mm and $175 for the 10mm.

Please visit for more info.


Ravishing Rose Gold

Anyone that knows me gets my obsession with rose gold. Pink is my favorite color, so naturally I am drawn to rose gold. Rose gold is a mixture of pure yellow gold and copper, resulting in a rosy hue. In some cases, a touch of silver is added and the higher the copper content, the more red the gold will look. I like a lighter rose gold in more of a pretty pink color. 

Rose gold and a summer tan is my perfect combination. There are so many brands out there, but I have included my favorites for you below. Some are super affordable and others are on my wish list. 

I am a romantic at heart and rose gold reminds me of hand holding, flowers, and courtships. There is just something about the luxury of gold and the soft touch of pink that induces heart fluttering feelings. Get yourself some rose gold and keep the romance alive. 

Ippolita jewelry can be purchased at

Anita Ko jewelry can be purchased at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills (310) 550-5900

Michael Kors watch retails for $250 and can be purchased at