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Chicken Miyabi

One of my favorite dishes my mom makes is called Chicken Miyabi. Whenever I go back home, my friends all seem to become available for dinner so my mother can feed us all this delicious chicken. It is a win win for everyone since my mom loves to feed people and my friends only get to eat this specialty when I am in town.

My mom originally learned how to make this dish from my Auntie Joyce in Hawaii, where my mom was born and raised. I will post the steps below as well as photos, but am sadly not going to post the recipe. It is a family recipe and one that I prefer to keep secret and special. You start with fresh chicken breasts, cut into two inch cubes and lightly dredge them in flour. In the meantime, you prepare the sauce in which the chicken will take a short bath. It is a teriyaki sweet ginger sauce that simmers over low heat until ready for dipping. You will also need to prepare the oil for frying the chicken. We use two pans full of canola or vegetable oil at the right high heat. We lower about eight pieces of chicken in each pan and fry until they turn golden brown, while rotating them to ensure even cooking. Once the chicken is cooked through and the perfect golden brown color, my mom and I pull them out using tongs and soak them in the teriyaki sauce. The sauce is so deliciously absorbed into the crisp exterior flavoring the chicken in the perfect sweet sauce. We then place the chicken on paper towel lined plates to absorb the excess oil and keep the chicken crisp. We eat the chicken with white sticky rice and the combination is so good. It is not a seven course meal that is fancy, but rather the tastiest homemade meal of two things that will keep your taste buds craving more for weeks to come.

I was just home for the holidays and got to make this chicken with my mom and made great memories. It was as amazing as always and I promised to make it out here in LA so the people I care about most can try it.