Makeup Crush Monday

I know MCM stands for Man Crush Monday, but I couldn’t resist a post about makeup today. I came across this photo by Jamie Nelson, with makeup by Lottie Stannard and nails by Julie K and I was instantly smitten.

I love everything about the image, how edgy and raw the makeup is, all while still exuding fashion forward thinking. The pop of neon colors against the “dirty” looking face and hands is just so inventive and eye catching. The nails are so delicately splattered with color and the lips so vibrant. This is art to me. I had to share this image with all of you and hope it brightens your day as it did mine. So here is to my Makeup Crush Monday and enjoy! image

All Things Foodie

Raw Twix Bars

I admit, I normally bake using full fat ingredients, cutting no corners. I make sweets like grandma used to make, but every once in a while I try a new, healthier version of an old favorite and am pleasantly surprised. I stumbled upon this recipe for Raw Twix Bars and had to share.

They take a bit of elbow grease and patience, but once they are complete, they are totally worth it. And….you don’t even have to feel guilty about eating them! I taste tested them out on my friends and they agree, this is one to keep. Recipe is pasted below.

Get to blending and let me know how yours turned out!

Raw Twix

Fudge Base:

½ c raw walnuts, ½ c raw pecans, ¼ c raw cacao powder, 2 T agave, ½ tsp vanilla, pinch salt


1 c raw almonds, 1 T melted coconut oil, 1 and ½ T agave, ½ tsp vanilla

Caramel filling:

25 medjool dates (from trader joes) should be soft, if not soak in water until they soften up

2 T melted coconut oil, 1 T almond butter, 1 T almond milk

Chocolate coating:

Agave, raw cacao powder, and melted coconut oil in ration of 1:2:1


-Put all base ingredients into a food processor. Blend until a dough is formed.

Line the bottom of an 8×8 pan w the dough, place in freezer

-Place cookie ingredients into food processor until dough is formed, layer cookie on top and place in freezer

-same with caramel filling, let harden

-top with raw chocolate and let freeze for 2-4 hours.

-cut and enjoy

Store in fridge or freezer

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