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Banana Creme Protein Dream

My dear friend Jen had jaw surgery recently and her mouth is currently wired shut. I wanted to support her in her recovery, so I put together a care package for her with particle free beverages that were in appealing flavors for her to try.

I was at Whole Foods and didn’t know which protein shakes I wanted to purchase, so I started with the flavors that sounded the most delicious and of foods my friend may miss eating. Well, Jen is from the South and loves Southern Banana Pudding, and actually makes a wonderful one herself! So when I saw there was a banana creme flavored protein shake I knew that was the one I wanted to get her.

The brand is Svelte and it is an organic, plant based protein shake. This appealed to me because often times pre made protein shakes can taste a little like chemicals or really fake flavor wise. I picked up one for myself too because I am always on the hunt for a great snack or breakfast on the go. This shake is gluten-free and packed with 11 grams of protein and 20 percent of your daily recommended fiber and only 180 calories!

I chilled mine in the fridge because I prefer my shakes cold. I tried it today and OH-MY-GOODNESS (and I do mean goodness) this shake  is amazing. The banana flavor is mild and oh so very creamy. The shake is the perfect consistency and really was so satisfying. I felt like I was indulging in a healthy version of Southern Banana Pudding! I am obsessed and know Jen will be too. It is so gratifying to finally find a pre made shake that honestly tastes like the description!

I purchased mine at Whole Foods for $2.79 per shake, but they do come in 4 packs which will save a bit of money. They come in other flavors, Chocolate, French Vanilla, Cappuccino, and Spiced Chai.

All Things Foodie

Breakfast Sushi

My dear friend Lisa of @eatcleanla inspired me to make this breakfast sushi. It is absolutely delicious and looks impressive! Don’t worry, it will be our little secret that it is super easy to make.

You will need smoked salmon, spinach, and 2 eggs. Of course you can add more ingredients and use more eggs. Spray a non stick pan with coconut oil and heat to medium heat. Lightly beat the eggs in a bowl and pour into the pan. Leave the eggs alone to cook in one flat layer, do not flip. When cooked through, slide onto a plate. Place a layer of spinach on top of the eggs, then top with a layer of thinly sliced smoked salmon. Carefully roll this into a sushi roll, starting from one of the edges. Tightly roll until you get to the other edge. Next, cut the roll into little section about an inch or so wide to make a cut sushi roll. The colors are vibrant and it looks and tastes so good! The added bonus is you are getting lots of protein and omega 3’s.

The posibilities are endless for flavor combinations. I’m so glad I tried this and you will be too!

All Things Foodie

Ocean’s Halo The Seaweed Chip

I was in the mood for chips and wanted something that would squash my craving for something salty and crunchy. I came across a healthy version of what I wanted. Seaweed chips made by Ocean’s Halo.

I busted open the bag in the car as I needed to find out if this treat was any good and to my surprise I really like them. The thin, crisp seaweed snacks are crispy with a touch of salt and surely satisfied my tastebuds. The chips are made from the ocean-farmed superfood and are packed with protein, vitamins and minerals. I was astounded to find out this glorious little treat was formulated by four dads in search of a healthy alternative for their kids. Bravo dads! Job well done on creating this healthy treat that everyone can enjoy and feel good about eating.

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