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Sweet Corn Pudding Dreams

STK sweet corn pudding…it’s what dreams are made of.

I am from Nebraska and there are always little stands on the side of the road during the summer months that sell sweet corn. The farmers always tell you it is the best you will ever have. That is the true farm to table goodness that I grew up with and delicious corn I am used to. Well, the sweet corn pudding at STK may not be what I ate as a child, but it sends my tastebuds racing down memory lane with every smooth, creamy, sweet bite. The dish is heavy, but fluffy and features multiple textures, including whole corn kernals to delight your palate. It is one of the best sides I have ever had and dare I say, may outshine some of the main dishes?! It is true and I challenge you to beg to differ with me.

I do not frequent STK, but am always happily reminded that the food is always comforting and I end up savoring every last bite. You can get your fix of the sweet corn pudding in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Washington DC, Miami, or Las Vegas.

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Blake’s Baby Bump

Blake Lively is so beautiful and her pregnancy bump is only adding to her radiance. I adore her and loved her on Gossip Girl and Savages.

She is expecting her first child with husband, Ryan Reynolds and her pregnancy style is on point. Her style has never faltered on the red carpet and this plunging Gucci look she rocked at the Angel Ball in New York has been my favorite look so far. She manages to look effortlessly glamorous and shows off her growing baby bump all at the same time. She does it all with such grace and looks as comfortable as if she were wearing sweats.

Blake is a beautiful mom to be and I can’t wait to see what she wears next.


Front Row Fashion

NYFW has just ended and the new fashions will be available to the general public soon enough. The fashion forward crowd and exclusive front row guests at the shows must dress to impress. The front row attendees are closely watched and the seats in this prime position are highly coveted. There are a few essentials you need to look the part of front row fabulous.

Oversized glamourous sunglasses are a must. A dark lense is preferable, but a standout frame with gradient lenses will do. Some of my favorites are by Prada and Chanel. Unless you are Anna Wintour, please do not keep them on for the show, but only upon entry for a look-at-me moment as well as to shield your eyes from the camera flashes that are there to catch the celebrity seated beside you.

A small bag that can easily rest on your lap or tuck under your chair is best. You will need to bring the essentials with you, but do not want to be the one who adds to the trip factor by schlepping a big bag to the show and resting it by your feet.

Statement jewelry, whether delicate or not, and a banging shoe are necessary to standout amongst the fashion elite. If you keep your outfit simple and classy, but punch it up with the accessories and shoes, you will never end up on the worst dressed list. It does not matter is you wear a dress or pants, but dress to impress.

I have included a few of my favorite front row looks from this past week.

All Things Foodie

Southern Banana Pudding

I love the South! All the gentlemen, lovely ladies and the Southern accents draw me in. The food cooked from scratch with premium ingredients and full fat butter are mouth watering. I especially love the dessert, Southern Banana Pudding. 

Since I don’t live in the south, I need to get my fix somewhere and I often pop by Magnolia Bakery to satisfy my craving. They have perfected Banana Pudding and offer free samples for everyone who walks through the door. The bakery is an outpost of their flagship store in New York and I couldn’t be more pleased that there is a location in Los Angeles. The pudding has layers of vanilla wafers, fresh bananas, and vanilla pudding. I suspect there is some whipped cream folded into it to keep it light in texture. 

This pudding is divine and is packaged in three sizes, mini, small, and large. The bakery also offers catering sizes for parties. I promise this sweet fluff will tanalize your tastebuds and have you craving it time and time again. So get on over to your closest location and snap up a carton or two, you will go bananas over it. 

Magnolia Bakery Banana Pudding is $3.50 for the mini, $5 for the small, and $6.50 for the large. Single bowl is $35 (serves 10) the double bowl is $60 (serves 20) 

visit for a location nearest you.