Dreamcatchers Do Come True

I have a little FOMO over not joining my friends in Palm Springs this weekend, but mostly because I missed the best bohemian fashion show around, also known as Coachella.

To satiate my bohemian cravings, I searched the web and found the most beautiful dreamcatchers. These wonderfully handcrafted works of art are made by Electric Love NYC by Hitomi Matarese and Charlie Walker. They feature natural, hand painted feathers, strips of leather, and stones attached to gorgeous wood. The colors range from all white to pops of neon and flecks of gold. The website is full of so many inspirational pieces. I could, and did, peruse the different offerings all night. They also make chandeliers and chimes among other things.

Visit to make all your dreamcatcher daydreams come true!


Essie Neon Collection

My sister, Megan, was searching high and low for the shade of nail polish Nicola Peltz wore in the latest Transformers movie, “Transformers: Age of Extinction.” I was lucky enough get my hands on the new Essie Neon Collection and “I’m Addicted” is the color she was looking for. 

The collection has six colors that pack a punch and are listed below. 

Too Taboo- a florescent fuchsia berry

Chills And Thrills- a supercharged blue violet

I’m Addicted- a neon aquamarine blue

Vices Versa- a juicy neon lime

Serial Shopper- a florescent fire coral

Sittin’ Pretty- a vivid intense lavender

As a child of the 80’s, these colors remind me of hot loops, friendship bracelets, hyper-color shirts, oversized bright bangles, and the roller skating rink. Make no mistake, these polishes are a fresh twist on a nostalgic trend and are sure to keep a smile on your face all day.  

You can snag a bottle of your own for $8.50 at