Balayage Bliss

Ever wonder how all those celebrities achieve that perfect, naturally sun kissed hair color? I have two words for you, George Papanikolas. He is a senior colorist at the Andy Lecompte Salon in Los Angeles, but you can also catch him at the Rita Hazan Salon in New York and Belle Femme Salon in Dubai. If you do visit him at the Andy Lecompte Salon, order the complimentary shaken iced coffee, you will thank me later.

George uses the french Balayage technique, in which he freehand paints the color onto strategically placed pieces of hair. The technique can be a bit daunting if you choose to lighten the tips because he teases sections of the hair to create a v-shape, applies the color, and then wraps them in foil. The teasing helps ensure even distribution of the color. You will look like a space alien for a moment in time, but if you hang in there the perfect “I just spent the summer in Mykonos” results will be well worth it.

George has become a favorite among the celebrity darlings and jet set crowd. His famous clients include the Kardashians, Miranda Kerr, Minka Kelly, Shay Mitchell, and Maria Menounos, to name a few. InStyle, Allure and People Magazine have all named him one of the top hair colorists in the country. Even though his day is jam packed, he takes the time to give everyone a consult on what color would suit them best.

Communication is key when it comes to color, so I often bring in an inspiration photo or two of the look I desire. The results are that perfect bohemian chic hair that I crave. The color grows out seamlessly, which makes it easy to maintain.

Give George my best when you meet him and enjoy your beautiful new hair color!