Eye Base Primer

I use a primer before applying my eyeshadow everyday. Primers smooth, conceal, and create a velvety base, so anything you apply on top will immediately look better.

I usually use Smashbox photo finish lid primer, MAC paint pots, or concealer to prep my eye lids for eyeshadow. Using a primer helps reduce the incidence of eyeshadow getting trapped in the crease of your eye lid and helps the shadow stay on for a longer period of time. A primer also evens out the color of the lid, ensuring a uniform application of color. You can even wear the primer alone if you have chosen one with shimmer, for a bare and beautiful day look.

My favorite MAC paint pot is the color Bare Study, which is a pretty beige color with flecks of gold shimmer. It compliments any skin tone and goes with any color you apply on top. Worn alone, it leaves just a hint of sparkle and shine on the lid, for that fresh faced look. No matter which color you choose, you will love the way it looks on the eye and how much time is saves you from reapplying your shadow throughout the day.


Makeup Crush Monday

I know MCM stands for Man Crush Monday, but I couldn’t resist a post about makeup today. I came across this photo by Jamie Nelson, with makeup by Lottie Stannard and nails by Julie K and I was instantly smitten.

I love everything about the image, how edgy and raw the makeup is, all while still exuding fashion forward thinking. The pop of neon colors against the “dirty” looking face and hands is just so inventive and eye catching. The nails are so delicately splattered with color and the lips so vibrant. This is art to me. I had to share this image with all of you and hope it brightens your day as it did mine. So here is to my Makeup Crush Monday and enjoy! image


Makeup Jewelry

Many of the S/S 2015 fashion shows featured makeup that was made to look like jewelry.

Dries Van Noten models wore lip “piercings” that were painted on in gold and inspired by the burning man festival. The look was created by makeup artist Peter Philips.

The models who walked down the runway at Anthony Vaccarello in Paris had left ears that sparkled.  Their ears were painted with the liquid liner and glitter to look like they were wearing ear cuffs. The look was the brainchild of makeup artist Tom Pecheux.

This makeup trend is an affordable and temporary way to try out a jewelry trend and to keep up with the fashionistas. This look is not for everyday, but for a day when you are feeling bold and adventurous, and steady handed with the makeup brush.


Best H & M Looks At The 2014 Emmys – How To Interview From Sarah Hyland’s Pro Allan Avendano

Working in the beauty industry, I look forward to seeing how the best beauty pros in the business help Tinseltown’s elite transform into the most glamorous versions of themselves for an award show. I was lucky enough to snag an interview with Celebrity Makeup Artist, Allan Avendano, who created Sarah Hyland’s Emmy look. 

My favorite hair and makeup looks of the night are as follow:

Sarah Hyland-  Makeup Artist Allan Avendano, special “How To” below

Kristen Wiig- Textured bob

Claire Danes- Hairstylist Peter Butler

Michelle Dockery- Hairstylist Mara Roszak using an Ana Khouri barrette

“How To” for Sarah Hyland’s look with her amazing Makeup Artist, Allan Avendano

We kept her entire look soft and pretty and definitely took inspiration from portraits of Audrey Hepburn and other old Hollywood film stars.    


– I prepped Sarah’s skin with Orlane Paris Super Moisturizing Light Cream and Absolute Skin Recovery Care Eye Contour.  The perfect base for any makeup!

– I applied DiorSkin Star Foundation and concealer for a lightweight, flawless and luminous finish!

– To accentuate her cheekbones and to add dimension to her face, I used DiorNude Tan Powder in Moka and shaded the sides of her face in the shape of a “3” from her temples to under her cheekbones and into her jawline.

– To make her cheeks pop, I gave her a good dose of MAC Powder Blush in Style on the apples of her cheeks and into her temple.

– For highlights, I took Dior Glow Maximizer, warmed it up with my fingers and strategically placed in on her orbital bone (right at the peak of her cheekbones, on the bridge of her nose and on her cupid’s bow.  Then i lightly dusted MAC Mineralize Powder in Soft and Gentle to make it pop.

– To tone down shine in the t-zone, I used DiorSkin Loose Powder.


– I started with applying MAC Pro-Longwear Paint Pot in Layin’ Low as a base for Sarah’s eyeshadows.  It helps with keeping shadows on, makes them more opaque and prevents it from creasing.  

– Then I applied MAC Naked Pigment in the center of the eyes and into the inner corners.

– For the outer corners, I dipped my crease brush into 3 MAC Eyeshadow shades to create a custom crease color: Swiss Chocolate, Smut and Bronze.  I created a V shape on the outer corners and diffused it in the crease.  Then I applied the Bronze eyeshadow from the corner towards the center and blended it into the Naked pigment.

– Her brows were filled in impeccably with DiorShow Brow Styler in Universal Brown.

– Right under her brow bone I used MAC Mineralized Powder in Soft and Gentle to create a very subtle sheen.

– For her upper lashes, we applied a coat of DiorShow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum and then followed it up with 4 coats of Dior Addict IT-Lash in IT-Black to create bold full lashes (because we chose not to use any eyeliner).

– For her bottom lashes, we used DiorShow New Look mascara in Black.  The thin brush really comes in handy for the bottom lashes.


– Her lips were painted in with Dior Contour Lip Liner in Jungle Brown and topped off with Rouge Dior Lipstick in Trench!


– Her beautiful skin tone was accentuated with Votre Vu’s Silk Stockings Lotion.  It moisturized and made her glow!


Velour Lashes

I attended the LA Make Up Show several months ago and met the lovely Founder of Velour Lashes, Angela Tran. The company is based out of Toronto, Canada and boasts 100% authentic mink lashes.

They have a wide selection of false lashes with sassy names like “Strike A Pose,” Whispie Sweet Nothings,” “You Complete Me,” and “Doll Me Up” to name a few. They have a wider base than most lashes, which makes them easier to apply. This also makes them feel just a touch heavier on the lid, but that dissipates shortly after application.

I complete my eye make up first, including eyeliner. I measure the lash against my eye and cut them appropriately to fit. Then I apply them using Lash Duo glue or Make Up forever lash glue. I apply a small amount of glue, just enough to line the lash base, blow on it for a second or two to help it set, then match it up to my lash line on my eye lid. I hold the lash with both hands and gently guide it into place and hold it there for a few counts, then take the base (not sharp end) of my tweezers (you could use a Q-tip) to lightly press the base onto my eye lid to ensure a secure stick. I then repeat on the other eye and let dry for a few minutes and make sure they feel comfortable on my eye. I then use eyeliner over the base if you can see any glue to finish the look.

Voila! You have a glamorous, eye popping look ready for the red carpet.

You can purchase Velour Lashes at for $35 a pair and can wear them over and over again up to 25 uses.

NOTE: When you’re removing your lashes, be as gentle as when you applied them. Do not pull too hard when you’re removing them. Store your Mink lashes in the original casing to avoid collecting dust, bacteria.  Storing them like this will ensure they retain their shape and,stay clean!