All For The Nookie

I recently went shopping for a dress for a trip to Vegas and stumbled upon the brand, Nookie. It is an Australian brand that features fitted dresses, skirts, tops, and swimwear in their collection.

I was invited to see JLO’s new show at Planet Hollywood and was able to see it before most people due to the fact that I went to the “Friends and Family” preview. I will post about the show later, but for now am focusing on my new dress.

I was in search of a dress that was both sexy and classy and made me feel comfortable. The Tropicana long sleeved style by Nookie fit the bill perfectly. The material is stretchy, but maintains its form fitting shape and the design is great as it is long sleeved, the length of the dress hits just below the knee (I am 5’4″) and the criss cross open detailing adds that sexy flair that I had been craving. I tried it on for a few friends and they agreed that this was “the” dress. Most girls tend to migrate toward slutty dresses for a night out in Las Vegas, but I try to keep it classy, but with a little flash.

I purchased mine in LA at a boutique called Divine Boutique in the Beverly Center and it retailed for $220.

You can also purchase the dress at


All Things Foodie

Sweet Corn Pudding Dreams

STK sweet corn pudding…it’s what dreams are made of.

I am from Nebraska and there are always little stands on the side of the road during the summer months that sell sweet corn. The farmers always tell you it is the best you will ever have. That is the true farm to table goodness that I grew up with and delicious corn I am used to. Well, the sweet corn pudding at STK may not be what I ate as a child, but it sends my tastebuds racing down memory lane with every smooth, creamy, sweet bite. The dish is heavy, but fluffy and features multiple textures, including whole corn kernals to delight your palate. It is one of the best sides I have ever had and dare I say, may outshine some of the main dishes?! It is true and I challenge you to beg to differ with me.

I do not frequent STK, but am always happily reminded that the food is always comforting and I end up savoring every last bite. You can get your fix of the sweet corn pudding in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Washington DC, Miami, or Las Vegas.

Visit for details

All Things Foodie

Raspberry Tart

I recently went to Vegas with my dad and my sister and we stopped by my favorite Patisserie, Jean Philippe, at the Aria hotel.

We ordered the cheese danish, vanilla eclair, and the Raspberry tart. The tart was our favorite by far as it was so full of flavor and light and airy as well. The sweet treat is composed of a delicate vanilla cake base, raspberry cream, pistachio cream, fresh raspberries, white chocolate curls, and candied pistachios sprinkled on top. The flavors go together so perfectly and get better with each and every bite. It isn’t over powering and just the right amount of sweetness. I loved every morsel of this dessert and definitely suggest that you try one should you find yourself in Vegas.