Delectable Delight

I have been using the best smelling and ultra moisturizing lotion lately. The skin quenching formula smells like the most delicious cake. Be Delectable by Cake Beauty is the brand and you must get your hands on a tube.

The triple moisture formulation includes coconut oil, shea butter, and aloe vera to hydrate, smooth and nourish your skin. The lotion leaves your skin feeling velvety soft and smelling divine. It absorbs quickly and the scent lingers on ever so softly, not overwhelming like some can be. There are several different scents which include vanilla and creme, strawberry and creme, coconut and creme, and lemon and creme. These body lotions are so decadent and make wonderful gifts. Be sure to check out the other products in their line as well.

The lotions retail for $14 per tube and can be purchased at or at Kohls

All Things Foodie

Bai5 Boost

My friend Stef introduced me to Bai beverages in Aspen, Colorado. We all needed to hydrate due to the altitude and excessive drinking over New Years Eve.

Each bottle of Bai5 offers fresh fruit flavor infused with coffeefruit, an antioxidant-rich “secret superfruit.” The red pulp that surrounds the bean is the secret superfruit and excellent source of antioxidants. These free-radical fighting antioxidants help protect against the damaging process of oxidation. The drinks are sweetened with organic stevia and are each only 5 calories per serving.

My favorite flavors are Sumatra Dragonfruit and Costa Rica Clementine. These beverages are lightly sweet and packed with flavor. They really satisfy my taste buds and are also beautiful, vibrant colors.

I buy mine locally at Target and Bristol Farms. For more information check out their website