Hiking The Hollywood Sign

My friends were visiting from Phoenix, Arizona and wanted to go on a hike. My friends convinced me to hike the Hollywood Sign and to the Wisdom Tree. I reluctantly agreed and gave up my precious beauty sleep to get up at 7:30 am on a Saturday morning and drive to Griffith Park to begin the hike. 

It was an above average hot day for Southern California, but we thought it was early enough for us to beat the heat. We were wrong. The heat seemed to be permeating off the dirt and rocks and really hit us hard. We made it up to the Wisdom Tree, which is aptly named such due to being the sole surviving tree of the 2009 wildfires. It is a beautiful sight and great spot to catch some shade and take a break while taking in the beautiful view. 

Then we continued on to the Hollywood sign. The trek over there is not easy. The paths are slim, filled with loose rocks and void of shade. The hike takes about two and a half hours, so be prepared and pack lots of water to stay hydrated. I made the mistake of wearing newer tennis shoes and they were packed with dirt after, so remember to wear older ones. 

I won’t be making this a regular hike, but it was nice to do something different and share the experience with friends. The views were beautiful and the pictures speak for themselves.