Rene Caovilla

I have become a full on stalker of Rene Caovilla shoes. I was at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills the other day and I was consumed by the most beautiful shoes.

You all know how much I love anything that sparkles, so naturally these shoes are for me.

I am attending a dear friend’s wedding at the end of June and am deciding between a glitzy dress with plain shoes or a classic dress with stunning shoes. These gorgeous black satin shoes that are fully encrusted with the most sparkly stones have made it to the top of my wish list. The only problem is they are $1695! Thus, why I have become their stalker. The minute these beauties go on sale, they will be on my feet and I will never take them off. A Cinderella moment of sorts, but no prince or step sisters.

I have noticed many brands doing embellished shoes, but Rene Caovilla exudes elegance. Some of the other brands, though still pricey, radiate more of a bedazzled at home with a glue gun look. While I do appreciate a good craft project, I will leave it up to the pros when it comes for fancy footwear.

These shoes should be the standout part of the outfit and not compete with any other accessory. Keep the dress simple and you will for sure be on the best dressed list.


What a Steal for the Perfect Floral Heel

I have been wanting a pair of floral heels to get me in the mood for spring. I stalked the internet and found the perfect pair at Nordstrom by Halogen.

The heels have a beautiful multi color floral pattern, black base, and heel. They have lots of padding in the foot bed and look more expensive than they are. I love how my pair has symmetrical large white roses at the front of the toe and the height is perfect at 4 1/4″ and goes well with both jeans and skirts. I love using a print as a focal point of an outfit and this floral motif is the perfect way to do that. There are many pairs by designer brands that are stunning, but these pointy toe pumps are a steal at  $89.95. I see myself wearing these beauties to lunch with the girls or on a lovely Valentine’s Day date.

They are classy, beautiful, and comfortable and can be purchased at


Bow Down To The Bow

I was watching “Live with Kelly and Michael” and couldn’t help but be distracted by Kelly Ripa’s gorgeous gold heels. They sparkled and managed to steal my attention from Jake Gyllenhaal, but just for a minute.

Kelly’s heels were the perfect light shade of gold and are made by Lucy Choi London. These glitter finished pumps are 4.5 inches and feature a bow embellished toe with a leather cushioned footbed for added comfort. They easily dress up any outfit and can even be worn during the day. They are classy, with a little pop of pizzazz that elevates them into coveted status. I am lusting after this look for the holidays and always love a little sparkle.

Lucy Choi London shoes can be purchased at


Nine West’s new ads

Modern day advertising can be quite controversial. A campaign that is meant to be construed as cutting edge, hip, and influential can come off as offensive. The lines are often blurred between funny and rude. Everyone has their own opinions and ways that they take things, even if meant to be taken in the complete opposite way.

Nine West is currently taking some heat for their newest ad campaign that was released last week. They have paired interesting “life moments” with photos of their trendy shoes.  I understand where they were going with it, and at risk of being the unpopular voice, I found the ads entertaining. I didn’t take the words too seriously. However, I do not like the fact that they did not focus their advertising on the shoes, but rather on the topics. They have successfully garnered buzz around the product and brand, but I think the advertisements were more hurtful than helpful to the majority of their target buyers.

Nine West is such a well known brand for being affordable and accessible to everyone, but they have managed to ostracized themselves from many former fans of the line. The younger crowd seems to love these ads and can relate. Living in Los Angeles, I have seen ads far more risque than this and am hardly offended.

I hope this blows over soon and they are able to bounce back, but it just goes to show the best ideas may not translate as you had hoped. Best of luck to them in their revamp and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.