Twinkling Trinkets

I am such a girly girl and love all sparkly things. My latest obsession is dainty diamond jewelry and particularly in rose gold.

EF Collection makes beautiful pieces that will fabulously decorate your body, giving you the perfect pop of sparkle to compliment any outfit. I first found out about this brand from my friend, Michelle, because she was wearing a set of the diamond bar stud earrings and I commented on them. I love how the tones of gold are not harsh, but rather a lighter color that flatter every skin tone. I am currently gravitating more toward the gold or rose gold, but would wear any of them as I do not follow the rules of not mixing metals. Everything goes in my book.

The small bar earrings set with white or black diamonds or rubies are my favorite along with the small chevron style necklace. These styles are perfect for everyday as well as layering with other items you already own to create a bohemian look that glitters in the summer sun. The customizable name plate bracelets and necklaces are amazing as well because they have little diamond accents and can be for a boyfriend, husband, or your baby! I think initials or a secret code of letters would also be a great idea instead of completely spelling out a name, but either way it is so sweet.

You can purchase them at



Magical Hair for Maison Martin Margiela Spring 2015

John Galliano makes his runway comeback debut by designing for fashion house Maison Martin Margiela’s Spring 2015 London show. I have met Mr.Galliano back when I used to manage the Andy Lecompte salon.

The designer has tried to make amends since his derailing at Dior and this show certainly not only opened the door to showcase his creativity, it down right broke the door down. The real standout for me was the hairstyling by Eugene Souleiman. Playful, gold glitter encrusted 20’s inspired waves ruled the runway. The way the gold flecks accented the hair, cementing it into place, made the models look like pure magical creatures walking down the runway. Thoughts of mystical lands ran through my mind when seeing the images and made me want to run straight to colorist, Danny Moon, who developed a glitter gel called Major Moon Shine. I once let Danny paint strands of my hair with gold glitter during the testing phases of his product, and felt like an excited 5 year old who had found a unicorn or a living My Little Pony. I have never wanted this grown up version of fairy dust lacquered in my hair more. For now, I will lust over the photos of the models who walked for Galliano and gaze at Eugene’s skilled hand at bending the hair into those architectural waves creating the avant garde style. I loved everything about it and now just need an excuse to rock this look in real life.


The Midi Ring

The Midi ring is the ring that is worn on your finger in between your knuckle and your nail. It is an edgy, yet feminine way to wear a delicate ring.

Many of my friends are rocking this look and every time I have dinner with them I promptly ask them to remove their jewels so I can try them on. So very child like dress up in mommy’s closet, but with my friends gold trinkets instead. These girls are so very cool and always dress on point, so I love to try different trends through them and seek styling inspiration. My favorites that they own are from 14 Karat in Beverly Hills, EF Collection, and Jacquie Aiche. The rings are in gold and rose gold mostly and are always thin and some are embellished with diamonds. I love the chevron rings the most and you know how much I am obsessed with rose gold. The tone is just so flattering on everyone’s skin tone, you can’t go wrong. These rings are usually not super expensive, but can get up to $1000. I am always surprised to find out that many of them are $250 and under. The perfect price point for a birthday or holiday gift for a friend or loved one.

I still do not own a midi ring, but will soon enough and will keep you posted on which one I go with. I have posted several pictures of the styles I like the most below from Jacquie Aiche.


Bow Down To The Bow

I was watching “Live with Kelly and Michael” and couldn’t help but be distracted by Kelly Ripa’s gorgeous gold heels. They sparkled and managed to steal my attention from Jake Gyllenhaal, but just for a minute.

Kelly’s heels were the perfect light shade of gold and are made by Lucy Choi London. These glitter finished pumps are 4.5 inches and feature a bow embellished toe with a leather cushioned footbed for added comfort. They easily dress up any outfit and can even be worn during the day. They are classy, with a little pop of pizzazz that elevates them into coveted status. I am lusting after this look for the holidays and always love a little sparkle.

Lucy Choi London shoes can be purchased at


Ravishing Rose Gold

Anyone that knows me gets my obsession with rose gold. Pink is my favorite color, so naturally I am drawn to rose gold. Rose gold is a mixture of pure yellow gold and copper, resulting in a rosy hue. In some cases, a touch of silver is added and the higher the copper content, the more red the gold will look. I like a lighter rose gold in more of a pretty pink color. 

Rose gold and a summer tan is my perfect combination. There are so many brands out there, but I have included my favorites for you below. Some are super affordable and others are on my wish list. 

I am a romantic at heart and rose gold reminds me of hand holding, flowers, and courtships. There is just something about the luxury of gold and the soft touch of pink that induces heart fluttering feelings. Get yourself some rose gold and keep the romance alive. 

Ippolita jewelry can be purchased at

Anita Ko jewelry can be purchased at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills (310) 550-5900

Michael Kors watch retails for $250 and can be purchased at