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Chicken Miyabi

One of my favorite dishes my mom makes is called Chicken Miyabi. Whenever I go back home, my friends all seem to become available for dinner so my mother can feed us all this delicious chicken. It is a win win for everyone since my mom loves to feed people and my friends only get to eat this specialty when I am in town.

My mom originally learned how to make this dish from my Auntie Joyce in Hawaii, where my mom was born and raised. I will post the steps below as well as photos, but am sadly not going to post the recipe. It is a family recipe and one that I prefer to keep secret and special. You start with fresh chicken breasts, cut into two inch cubes and lightly dredge them in flour. In the meantime, you prepare the sauce in which the chicken will take a short bath. It is a teriyaki sweet ginger sauce that simmers over low heat until ready for dipping. You will also need to prepare the oil for frying the chicken. We use two pans full of canola or vegetable oil at the right high heat. We lower about eight pieces of chicken in each pan and fry until they turn golden brown, while rotating them to ensure even cooking. Once the chicken is cooked through and the perfect golden brown color, my mom and I pull them out using tongs and soak them in the teriyaki sauce. The sauce is so deliciously absorbed into the crisp exterior flavoring the chicken in the perfect sweet sauce. We then place the chicken on paper towel lined plates to absorb the excess oil and keep the chicken crisp. We eat the chicken with white sticky rice and the combination is so good. It is not a seven course meal that is fancy, but rather the tastiest homemade meal of two things that will keep your taste buds craving more for weeks to come.

I was just home for the holidays and got to make this chicken with my mom and made great memories. It was as amazing as always and I promised to make it out here in LA so the people I care about most can try it.

All Things Foodie

Fever-Tree Ginger Beer

Fever-Tree has created the perfect mixer for a light and refreshing cocktail. Their Ginger Beer is non-alcoholic and has a wonderfully crisp flavor of fresh ginger root to awaken your taste buds and refresh your palate.

The company brews three types of ginger originating from Nigeria, Cochin and the Ivory Coast that blend beautifully together with champagne-style carbonation to create their award-winning flavor and effervescence. The light bubbles and flavor are the perfect pairing for a Moscow Mule, Dark and Stormy, or simple cocktail of your choice. You can enjoy the beverage on its own as well. The ginger will even help settle your stomach if you indulged in one too many holiday treats at the party.¬†Do not let the title of “beer” mislead you, but rather give it a try and you will be as pleasantly surprised as I was. Normally I would not be into a beer beverage, but this one is alcohol free and I have learned to not judge a book by its cover and in this case that adage has rung true.

Pick some up at Sur la Table for your holiday parties or just to keep on hand. A case of four retails for $8.

Visit for more information on the product.

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Chai Tea Latte

I love a good chai tea latte. I know it sounds crazy, but my favorite one is served at Panera Bread. It is the Iced Chai Tea Latte. Now that it is fall, I crave this drink more than ever.

It is a creamy blend of two percent milk and chai tea concentrate. The flavor is so spot on and perfect for my tastebuds, that years ago I had to get one daily. The fact that there is no brewing involved and that they just pour the ingredients together is so simple, but results in the most delicious drink.

I found out that they use the Republic of Tea Chai Tea Concentrate to make this concoction. The ingredients include, water, brewed black tea, evaporated cane juice, wildflower honey, vanilla, cinnamon, black pepper, ginger, clove and cardamom. All you need to do to make this blissful beverage is combine one ounce of concentrate to seven ounces of milk or milk alternative. You can serve it hot or cold, but I prefer it iced. The flavors blend so wonderfully together to remind me of the holidays and a lovely fall day.

The shelf life of the concentrate is one year unopened and ninety days after opening in the refrigerator. A sixty-four ounce jug of the concentrate can be purchased online at for $46.

All Things Foodie

Wellness Shot

The Wellness and Cold + Sinus shots from Earth Bar gives a whole new meaning to taking shots. Whenever I feel a cold coming on or a little run down, I head straight to Earth Bar and down one of these shots.

The Wellness shot contains Fresh Lemon, Ginger, Oregano Oil, Garlic Extract, & Cayenne Pepper. It has a little kick on the way down, but will help push out whatever is making you sick.

The Cold & Sinus shot is a Wellness Shot + Horseradish, Echinacea, & Other Immune Boosting Herbs. This shot is super potent and spicy, but is sure to clear your sinuses.

I usually chase my shots with an orange slice and drink lots of water after. Take them two days in a row to really get rid of what is ailing you.

These shots can be purchased at Earth Bar. They are located in the Equinox gyms in Southern California and independently. Visit for more information.