Bloom That

I recently discovered the flower delivery service, Bloom That. It is a local company based in San Francisco and now offered delivery here in Los Angeles.

Their concept is beautiful, affordable flowers packaged in burlap with bright orange and white striped bows or in a vase, all delivered in 90 mins! In LA that is quite a feat. I love the idea and the fact that they are making kind gestures and romance accessible to everyone. The prices range from $25-60 and that includes delivery! I mean seriously?! Well done friends at Bloom That, well done.

The gifts start with a single succulent in a wooden box, tea with a treat and bud vase, a bouquet of gorgeous blooms, a larger succulent arrangement, to a small arrangement in a vase. There is something for everyone’s tastes and is sure to brighten anyone’s day. I will certainly be taking advantage of this service and you should too.

I urge you to log onto and start sending today!


Nuts Over Notebooks

When I was home for the holidays my mom bought me some lovely notebooks. I always like having a pen and paper handy for when inspiration strikes or I need to take notes. These notebooks by Eccolo are perfect.

I enjoy giving gifts to people and recently have been on a kick of picking out notebooks for my friends. The variety that Eccolo offers are great because each one has a different quote or saying on the front and the colors are beautiful. I keep one at home or in my purse and one at work to jot down my to do list. I am a little old school in that I still love the act of crossing off an item on my to do list. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and moving forward. I also like writing in a book because you can keep them and refer to them at a later date if need be. It beats scattering post it notes all over your desk or mirrors at home (I’m guilty of doing this) and helps keep you organized and looking chic while doing it. You can also use them as a journal or diary.

I found a bunch of pink notebooks today and of course scooped them up for future gifts, and maybe one for me to keep. Living in LA I have also found it important to mention that these notebooks are Vegan as well. No matter what style you choose, you will find yourself using it everyday.