The Midi Ring

The Midi ring is the ring that is worn on your finger in between your knuckle and your nail. It is an edgy, yet feminine way to wear a delicate ring.

Many of my friends are rocking this look and every time I have dinner with them I promptly ask them to remove their jewels so I can try them on. So very child like dress up in mommy’s closet, but with my friends gold trinkets instead. These girls are so very cool and always dress on point, so I love to try different trends through them and seek styling inspiration. My favorites that they own are from 14 Karat in Beverly Hills, EF Collection, and Jacquie Aiche. The rings are in gold and rose gold mostly and are always thin and some are embellished with diamonds. I love the chevron rings the most and you know how much I am obsessed with rose gold. The tone is just so flattering on everyone’s skin tone, you can’t go wrong. These rings are usually not super expensive, but can get up to $1000. I am always surprised to find out that many of them are $250 and under. The perfect price point for a birthday or holiday gift for a friend or loved one.

I still do not own a midi ring, but will soon enough and will keep you posted on which one I go with. I have posted several pictures of the styles I like the most below from Jacquie Aiche.



Thanksgiving is a time for reflection on the things and people you are thankful for. I am so grateful for my family and friends. This year my friends Michelle and Jonathan hosted Thanksgiving and it was so much fun.

I baked strawberry apple pie, pecan bars, and pumpkin bites cut out in fall leaf shapes, topped with cream cheese frosting. There was tons of food with all the fixings and we ate until our tummies could handle no more, and then some. I am writing about this dinner, not just because it is a holiday and relevant, but because I find that beauty can be found in so many things. There is something so beautiful about my friendships whether they are new or old. Everyone in the group is so accepting and offers something different. I loved hearing everyone’s stories and laughed so hard my sides hurt.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and get some awesome shopping deals tomorrow.


Hiking The Hollywood Sign

My friends were visiting from Phoenix, Arizona and wanted to go on a hike. My friends convinced me to hike the Hollywood Sign and to the Wisdom Tree. I reluctantly agreed and gave up my precious beauty sleep to get up at 7:30 am on a Saturday morning and drive to Griffith Park to begin the hike. 

It was an above average hot day for Southern California, but we thought it was early enough for us to beat the heat. We were wrong. The heat seemed to be permeating off the dirt and rocks and really hit us hard. We made it up to the Wisdom Tree, which is aptly named such due to being the sole surviving tree of the 2009 wildfires. It is a beautiful sight and great spot to catch some shade and take a break while taking in the beautiful view. 

Then we continued on to the Hollywood sign. The trek over there is not easy. The paths are slim, filled with loose rocks and void of shade. The hike takes about two and a half hours, so be prepared and pack lots of water to stay hydrated. I made the mistake of wearing newer tennis shoes and they were packed with dirt after, so remember to wear older ones. 

I won’t be making this a regular hike, but it was nice to do something different and share the experience with friends. The views were beautiful and the pictures speak for themselves.