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Raspberry Tart

I recently went to Vegas with my dad and my sister and we stopped by my favorite Patisserie, Jean Philippe, at the Aria hotel.

We ordered the cheese danish, vanilla eclair, and the Raspberry tart. The tart was our favorite by far as it was so full of flavor and light and airy as well. The sweet treat is composed of a delicate vanilla cake base, raspberry cream, pistachio cream, fresh raspberries, white chocolate curls, and candied pistachios sprinkled on top. The flavors go together so perfectly and get better with each and every bite. It isn’t over powering and just the right amount of sweetness. I loved every morsel of this dessert and definitely suggest that you try one should you find yourself in Vegas.

All Things Foodie

Lady M

I was super skeptical about the cakes at Lady M. They only offer a few varieties of cakes and coffee, yet there is always a crazy long line that wraps around the block. Several people I know have raved about it, but being a baker, I was not sold.

The premise of the bakery is Japanese French fusion and the result is light, delightfully not overly sweet cakes. Their signature Mille Crepes feature twenty paper thin crepes layered with the lightest pastry cream with the top of the cake bruleed. You will feel like you are biting into a creamy cloud. I also tried their Gateau Fromage, which is this lovely light cheesecake with a shortbread crust. The shortbread crust is such a nice, buttery change to the graham cracker crust we are all used to.

I walked in with total disbelief that waiting in the long line for these cakes would be worth it, but after the first bite, I was completely sold and have since been back. That is two visits in one week and braving that line, but I would absolutely do it again. The bakery is worth the hype and the sweet treats are different than any other desserts for sale in Los Angeles. I like that they are not super sweet because it offers that perfect little bite of sweetness that I crave after a meal. I do not feel overly full after having this post dinner.

Lady M is a must try, and even though the selection may look underwhelming, trust me and take a slice. You will experience bliss in a bite.

The boutique in LA is located at 8718 W 3rd St right by Robertson Blvd. 424-279-9495

Visit their website for full information