Eye Base Primer

I use a primer before applying my eyeshadow everyday. Primers smooth, conceal, and create a velvety base, so anything you apply on top will immediately look better.

I usually use Smashbox photo finish lid primer, MAC paint pots, or concealer to prep my eye lids for eyeshadow. Using a primer helps reduce the incidence of eyeshadow getting trapped in the crease of your eye lid and helps the shadow stay on for a longer period of time. A primer also evens out the color of the lid, ensuring a uniform application of color. You can even wear the primer alone if you have chosen one with shimmer, for a bare and beautiful day look.

My favorite MAC paint pot is the color Bare Study, which is a pretty beige color with flecks of gold shimmer. It compliments any skin tone and goes with any color you apply on top. Worn alone, it leaves just a hint of sparkle and shine on the lid, for that fresh faced look. No matter which color you choose, you will love the way it looks on the eye and how much time is saves you from reapplying your shadow throughout the day.


Nars Dual Intensity Metallic Eye Shadow

NARS recently invited me to preview some of the new spring colors and the metallic eye shadows really caught my attention. They have amazing sheen, without being too glittery and can be applied wet or dry depending on the intensity and look of the color you are trying to achieve. The look comes off as modern, not fussy with these new metallics.

The in house makeup pros demonstrated the application and let us feel the texture of the shadow again our skin. The texture was velvet like and the color was beautifully glistening with just the amount of pop for a night out on the town. Some of the lighter colors could also be worn with a one layer application for daytime.

My favorite shades of the line were Subra, Lysithea, Callisto, and Sycroax. Subra is a pretty plum, brownish shade. Lysithea is an airy, palest of green shade. Callisto is a variation of a light rose gold, shimmery tone. Sycroax is a rich, glistening dark of night black color.

Wet your brush with water before application to build a strong metallic coverage on the lid, perfect for girls night out or a sultry date night. Keep your brush dry for a lesser, more sheer application fit for a little glimmer in the daylight, dewey lid look.

These eye shadows and the entire NARS makeup line can be purchased at