Grandma’s Tea Cups

I am up in Seattle celebrating my grandmother’s life. She had sass and spunk, and eyes that lit up. She was the life of the party, the comfort, kindness, and warmth of our family. She encouraged me to speak up for myself, be confident, and be spontaneous and fun. I promise to live an authentic life, full of amazing experiences, and be bold, just for her. 

One of my grandma’s loves was her tea cups. Whenever we visited her home, all of us grandkids would stop in the hallway of the kitchen and look at her collection. We would gift them to her over the years and she would buy interesting ones when shopping. She lost several in a bad earthquake, but many still remain. I remember having little tea parties with them and she and grandpa participating,  letting us pretend we were having high tea at a fancy place, even though we were only gathered around the kitchen table. 

My grandpa was welsh, so we had tea the english way, served with cream and sugar. We always had tea after dinner with dessert. I always looked forward to the creamy, sweet tea and still drink it that way to this day. 

I have included my grandmother’s tea cup collection in the post. The beautiful colors, shapes and pretty patterns are perfect for a tea party and the memories I have will last a lifetime.