The Perfect Black Pant

It has been ages since I have purchased a black dress pant. I usually live in jeans, dresses, and lululemon, but recently had to search for a nice pair of dress pants. The feat was much harder than expected, but I did find the most amazing pair.

I went to the Beverly Center in a cheerful mood and bounced into store after store. I wanted to spend the least amount possible for the cutest, updated pant. I went to Express, Banana Republic, H&M, Ann Taylor, Club Monaco and was really disappointed in the fit of every pair. I never have trouble finding jeans or pants, so I found myself in uncharted territory. My sunny outlook on shopping was fasting diminishing with every pair I tried on. The fits were baggy, not tailored, and honestly the seams in the crotch area were super uncomfortable. Like, who honestly wants the seam to go up your crotch? I was beginning to think my chic, affordable pants were unattainable. Then I went into Bloomingdale’s and found several pairs that were comfortable and so lovely. Theory had a pair that were great, but I ended up purchasing a pair by Vince. The Strapping Trouser by Vince is literally the perfect pant. It hits around the ankle so you can easily pair it with many different shoes, is slim fitting, and super comfortable as it is made in a year round wool fabric. The detailing of a monochromatic stripe down the side gives the pant a little extra style. I know the pants are more than I had wanted to spend at $265, but I justified it because I would rather have the perfect fit and quality that is made to last, rather than several inexpensive pairs that will leave me disappointed.

I am so excited to style these pants in different ways and to finally have a classic pair of dress pants. You can purchase these pants at