Hot Hair and Makeup in Harper’s Bazaar Singapore

The February issue of Harper’s Bazaar Singapore literally stopped me in my tracks. Model Heather Marks graces the cover in a pretty pink leather dress holding a cat with the caption “What’s new pussycat?”

The flirty throwback tone of the cover made me want to look inside and see more of the hair and makeup paired with other amazing outfits. The makeup was done by makeup master, Allan Avendano, who also does Sarah Hyland. The black cat eye was perfection with the retro-modern look that famed hairstylist, Peter Savic, who does Sharon Stone’s hair, created. The sleek part in the front was the perfect pairing for the teased hair at the crown and the incredible effortless texture he created. I literally have been lusting after this look since I laid eyes on it and can’t wait to recreate it. Ok….I am going to cheat and call one of my celebrity hairstylist friends to create the look for me. Lucky me, and I am so excited.¬†Photographer Yu Tsai captured these beautiful images and I keep looking at them over and over again. I have included the images below so you can fall in love with them too.


The Midi Ring

The Midi ring is the ring that is worn on your finger in between your knuckle and your nail. It is an edgy, yet feminine way to wear a delicate ring.

Many of my friends are rocking this look and every time I have dinner with them I promptly ask them to remove their jewels so I can try them on. So very child like dress up in mommy’s closet, but with my friends gold trinkets instead. These girls are so very cool and always dress on point, so I love to try different trends through them and seek styling inspiration. My favorites that they own are from 14 Karat in Beverly Hills, EF Collection, and Jacquie Aiche. The rings are in gold and rose gold mostly and are always thin and some are embellished with diamonds. I love the chevron rings the most and you know how much I am obsessed with rose gold. The tone is just so flattering on everyone’s skin tone, you can’t go wrong. These rings are usually not super expensive, but can get up to $1000. I am always surprised to find out that many of them are $250 and under. The perfect price point for a birthday or holiday gift for a friend or loved one.

I still do not own a midi ring, but will soon enough and will keep you posted on which one I go with. I have posted several pictures of the styles I like the most below from Jacquie Aiche.



Barrettes have come a long way since the 80’s. Remember those little plastic¬†barrettes made by Goody that your mom used to pin your hair out of your face for school? I loved those!

The barrettes I see today are beautiful, ornate, and fit for the red carpet. I love the gold grecian leaf designs, crystal embellished styles, and leather studded ones. The femininity and delicate details are what draw me to them. I picture myself wearing a beautiful dress with my loose waves pinned back into a barrette or wearing jeans and a white tee with straight hair pinned in a leather rocker inspired version.

The bonus of wearing a barrette is keeping the hair out of your face and easily being able to unsnap the closure and change your hairstyle quickly. The pretty little metal detail is sure to finish your outfit and bring back those fond grade school memories.

I have pictured my favorites by Jennifer Behr, Henri Bendel, and others.

The Jennifer Behr barrettes can be purchased at

The Henri Bendel barrette can be purchased at


All That Glitters Is Gold

I am currently obsessed with gold jewelry. Chunky, bold statement necklaces, vintage door knocker Chanel earrings, layered chain necklaces, delicate stackable rings and bracelets, bangles, ear jackets, and studs. More is more in the case of gold jewelry.

I’m not saying wear everything all at once, but tastefully pairing the gold together to best suit your mood and outfit. I was recently invited to the Jacquie Aiche showroom to view the collections and partake in the ultimate jewelry sale. I had been coveting the spiked gold ear jacket and ruby ear piece ever since spotting the pair on Kate Mara. The timing was serendipitous and I was able to snag an ear jacket of my own at a fraction of the price. I was reeling with excitement. My friend Jen and I were like kids in a candy store, scooping up all the pretty treasures to try on and purchase. To our delight, they were even applying gold jewelry tattoos in the back garden for the party. Our inner Bohemian Goddesses were let out that day to shine.

When it comes to jewelry I tend to follow the rules of statement necklace, small stud earring, delicate bracelets, maybe a small ring. Layered delicate necklaces, maybe one has an initial, small stud, stacked bracelets optional. Bold earring, one delicate necklace, stacked rings if you must. The options could go on and on, but the point is statement earrings or statement necklace is the rule. Choose one bold piece to complete your outfit as if it were the icing on the cake, the rest of the jewelry are just the sprinkles.

My favorite places to buy gold jewelry from are Jacquie Aiche (for everything), Natalie B (for vintage locket pieces), and EF Collection (for delicate earrings).