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Cupcake Wars

I love sweets and cupcakes are no exception. I have tried many cupcakes and like certain flavors from different places. I have conducted an informal taste test here in LA and will share my thoughts with you.

Nothing will ever beat the Sprinkles Red Velvet cupcake. The cake is just the right amount of crisp top with moist middle. This is not a fluffy cake, but more of a dense cake. The cream cheese frosting is perfection. It is seriously the best cream cheese frosting ever. It is the exact right amount of sweet to cream cheese ratio. I also like the Strawberry cupcake from Sprinkles, as it is a different flavor and very lightly strawberry.

Crumbs had the best assorted mini cupcakes to bring to parties. They were candy and frosting coated and came in a cute plastic carton, easy to transport. The cakes were fluffy and perfect little bites.

Georgetown Cupcake has the best Vanilla Birthday cupcake. It has a vanilla bean cake base, with delicious buttercream frosting and rainbow sprinkles. It is a moist cake and their signature swirl of the frosting with the dusting of sprinkles is awesome. I also love the Key Lime cupcake. It is easy to pay here too because you can just pay with a downloaded app on your phone.

Magnolia Bakery has a great Vanilla cupcake. It is simple, but the buttercream frosting is super sweet and pairs great with the vanilla cake base.

These are the big players here in LA that I frequent and turn to for a sweet treat when my friends are in need of a  little pick me up.

All Things Foodie

Duff’s Cake Mix

I love the Food Network and even torture people at the gym by requesting it to be played on one of the televisions in front of my cardio machine while trying to get down the pounds. I realize it is a bit masochistic to watch these shows that highlight delicious, fatty foods while at the gym, but I still do it.

One of the shows I loved is “Ace of Cakes” with Duff Goldman. Every episode featured outlandish cakes being constructed and delivered to a party. I am a baker and love sweets, so my attention was fully captured. Duff opened up a bakery in Los Angeles on Melrose Ave and I knew I had to check it out. So I figured what better time to round up the girls and decorate cupcakes, than Super Bowl Sunday. Now before you think I am being sexist here, we did it early enough to still catch the game and it was not super busy that day, so we had free reign of the fondant and sprinkles.

Duff’s bakery in LA is named “Duff’s Cake Mix” and you can decorate cakes, cupcakes, grab coffee, and indulge in treats. We opted to decorate cupcakes and bring them to the Super Bowl parties we were attending. Everyone wins.

It was insanely fun letting our creative sides run wild. Seeing everyone’s resulting artistic creations was so amazing and even funny. I loved mixing it up, no pun intended, and doing a different activity than we normally do as a group. It would also be perfect for a children’s birthday party or even a date.¬†You must reserve your spot and there are rules that apply. On the weekdays all size groups are welcome, but on the weekends you must be a party of 6 or more to reserve your spot. They will give you all the materials you need to complete you cake or cupcakes.

I also have to give a special shout out to their “Cake in a Jar.” My favorite flavor is Confetti. These are little jars with a twist off lid that alternate layers of cake, sprinkles, and frosting. Um…yes please! I have gotten them for friends for birthdays or just because and my friends have done the same for me. These are affordable little surprises at $5 each and can really brighten someone’s day. In fact my BFF, Sarah, left one at my house for me today, which inspired this post. For all you LA natives, forget about the calories for 15 beautiful minutes while you savor every last bite.

You can visit the bakery at 8302 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 323-650-5555