Be Still My Heart for Bsable

I love a good faux fur piece and finding a good one that doesn’t look cheap or have a strange texture can be a challenge. I like when they are so soft and look lush.

I have found that Bsable makes some incredible faux fur vests. I love that they are fitted and have different length options. I do not like when the vests are too long. I prefer when they hit just above or below the hips. The variation in color and lovely soft fabrics are important to create a luxurious look. I like to pair them with jeans, a fitted tee, tank, or long sleeved tee, and boots. With the holidays fast approaching, this look is perfect for holiday shopping, lunch with the girls, and even enjoying a spiked apple cider in the evening. Your date will appreciate how cozy you look and how soft your vest feels while snuggling.

Check out and for styles and colors that suit you.


Cozy Cardigan

The weather in LA is still a bit gloomy from all the rain this week. It is a welcome departure from the sunshiny bliss, but it is chilly. Well…chilly by LA standards. Sorry to all of you that live in states that are in full on winter wonderland, snow covered street torture, err, I mean weather.

I went shopping with my friend, Randi, in Beverly Hills the other day and we stumbled into one of our favorite stores, Planet Blue. The finds there are always on point and have a bohemian flair to them. I found this Denver cardigan by Eternal Sunshine Creations that I fell in love with. The only problem is there was only one left and it was a size M/L. I tried to make it work and to be honest it looked great a little big and drapey, but it was just not the best fit. I will continue to search for it in the correct size and by all means encourage all of you to compete to snap up the only remaining sweater at the Beverly Hills store and brag to everyone that will listen that you scored the last one. For now I will daydream about owning it and settle for the two posted pictures for you to fall in love with too.


image image


Knee High Socks

Fall is fast approaching and knee high socks are the perfect transition piece to add into your wardrobe. These fuzzy finds will keep you cozy and warm as the leaves fall and the weather dips.

I love how they add a school girl touch or bohemian vibe to any outfit and can be worn dressy or casual. There are so many versions with prints, colors, and various thickness. I love the look of a thicker sock and a sweater for lounging around at home or at the cabin. Curl up with a good book, fashion magazine, or movie and add hot cocoa with marshmallows for the perfect Saturday in. Pair a thiner sock with a skirt or dress and tuck them into a boot for a night out on the town.

This look is one of my favs and I can’t wait to break them out of my dresser now that it is fall.