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I just got back from visiting my friend Randi in Palm Springs. It was such a relaxing, nice, much needed catch up session in the desert. The vibe in Palm Springs is so laid back and the weather has started to cool down, so it was lovely.

Randi introduced me to the Non Fat Sugar Free Vanilla Latte at Koffi. It was simply divine and such a great way to start the morning. Koffi is a locally owned coffee house in Palm Springs. They roast their own coffee beans and have cute cafes in town. Koffi roasts their coffee in small batches to ensure maximum freshness using infared technology. The pastries are baked fresh daily and they even offer gluten free and sugar free varieties.

Koffi offers many different coffee drinks to kick start your morning or pick up your afternoon. They even have a Malted Mocha Frozen blended drink that I will be trying next time. Whether you choose a hot or cold caffeinated beverage, you are sure to be pleased.

Check out their website for locations and more information

All Things Foodie

Husky’s Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! As a child I would often visit Seattle, Washington where my dad grew up. My grandparents would take us for ice cream at Husky Deli as a treat. Husky’s is located in Alki, where my grandparents lived. 

My grandfather’s favorite flavor was vanilla and my grandmother’s was coffee. I was born six weeks early on my grandfather’s birthday, so we always had a special connection. So I of course, wanted to be just like him and always ordered a scoop of vanilla in a sugar cone and he would beam with pride. We would walk hand in hand out of the deli and eat our creamy, sweet treat. 

As I have gotten older, I have changed my order from just vanilla, but there is always a time or two that I order it in honor of my grandfather and to remember that sweet time. I love the Nutella, Lemon Custard, and the Blackberry Cheesecake, but there are a wide selection of flavors and I have never been unsatisfied. 

Husky Deli was established in 1932 and is family-owned. Their ice cream is homemade and they will let you sample as many flavors as you like. They make shakes, serve the scoops in a cone or cup, hand pack pints in flavors of your choice, and have half gallons at the ready for quick pick up on the way to a birthday party or family dinner. 

Husky Deli


All Things Foodie

Milk Jar Cookies- Cookie Heaven

My friend Light knows I love cookies. I love to bake them and eat them. He has even been lucky enough to be on my holiday cookie delivery list. Yes, I have a list and I actually drive them to each of my friend’s homes to personally deliver the little morsels of joy to them. 

Light had gone to a new cookie shop called Milk Jar Cookies. He ranted and raved about it and told me I must try it. I admit, I am a pretty tough critic when it comes to cookies, so I didn’t rush to get there. Well, a client of mine, Lindsey who works for E!, asked if we could have our meeting at Milk Jar Cookies. It is located near their offices on Wilshire and I decided it was the perfect excuse to try the cookies. 

Milk Jar Cookies is a small shop that is so cute and exactly what I would want a cookie shop to be. It is simple and sweet, with pretty little details that make all the difference. The color palette is pastels and natural wood, with chandeliers made out of old fashioned milk jars. This store is cute as a button and the cookies are amazing. I usually never like the cookies I try better than my own, so this really impressed me. 

The flavors are creative and the cookies are dense. They sell local roasted coffee and milk from a local dairy and serve the beverages in mason jars with colorful stripped paper straws. Ice cream from a local creamery is used for their ice cream sandwiches and can be ordered on the side. It is the perfect place to catch up with a girlfriend or bring your children for a special treat. They even deliver their cookies for gifts. I was so impressed I sent a dozen to a dear friend the next day. They have gift boxes starting at amounts of half a dozen up to four dozen. There is also a “Cookie of the Month” delivery option. Delivery is available to most destinations in the United States. 

My favorite flavor was the Chocolate Pecan Caramel. I have included a link to their website below where you can find the full list of flavors and ordering info. I recommend you drop by the shop if you find yourself in LA and enjoy these circle shaped sweet treats. 

Milk Jar Cookies 5466 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036  323-634-9800