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Coconut Milk Worth Talking About

I am always in search of non-dairy milk options and am so often disappointed. Whole Foods had a lot of sample stations yesterday during the lunch hour and anyone that knows me knows I love samples, so I couldn’t resist trying everything.

I saw the set up of three different varieties of coconut milk by Pacific. I tried all three with low hopes and was pleasantly surprised with the blend that was sweetened with coconut water. To be honest, the other two tasted exactly how I thought they would taste, good but plain. The subtle, fresh sweetness of coconut water was the perfect amount of sweet without altering the flavor of coconut and also providing great hydration and a rich texture to the milk. I actually enjoyed a glass of this milk this morning by itself because it was so satisfying. I will definitely be using this milk in smoothies and as a creamer in coffee and tea. The added benefits of this coconut milk are that it is Carrageenan, dairy, soy, and gluten free! It also is a natural source of medium chain fatty acids, vitamin D, vitamin B12, and is a mere 60 calories per serving. I have finally found a coconut milk luscious enough to share with you. I would love to hear how you are all loving it, so please try it and report back.

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Berrylicious Smoothie

I was inspired by the Berrylicious Smoothie at Kreation to try to replicate it at home. Their version is delicious, but mine came pretty darn close.

Blend together 6 raspberries, 5 large strawberries (I used Harry’s berries from the farmer’s market), 1/4 cup coconut water, 1/2 cup coconut milk, one small banana, one spoonful of almond butter, and one spoonful of raw clover honey. Blend until it becomes a smooth consistency and beautiful pink color. This is a great way to start your day or a midday snack. It is thick and luxurious and totally satisfying.

Thanks for the inspiration, Kreation. Don’t worry, I will still buy yours because it is packed with additional goodness, but this is a great substitute.

Visit for locations near you and do try this one at home.

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Chai Tea Latte

I love a good chai tea latte. I know it sounds crazy, but my favorite one is served at Panera Bread. It is the Iced Chai Tea Latte. Now that it is fall, I crave this drink more than ever.

It is a creamy blend of two percent milk and chai tea concentrate. The flavor is so spot on and perfect for my tastebuds, that years ago I had to get one daily. The fact that there is no brewing involved and that they just pour the ingredients together is so simple, but results in the most delicious drink.

I found out that they use the Republic of Tea Chai Tea Concentrate to make this concoction. The ingredients include, water, brewed black tea, evaporated cane juice, wildflower honey, vanilla, cinnamon, black pepper, ginger, clove and cardamom. All you need to do to make this blissful beverage is combine one ounce of concentrate to seven ounces of milk or milk alternative. You can serve it hot or cold, but I prefer it iced. The flavors blend so wonderfully together to remind me of the holidays and a lovely fall day.

The shelf life of the concentrate is one year unopened and ninety days after opening in the refrigerator. A sixty-four ounce jug of the concentrate can be purchased online at for $46.

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Pitaya- The It Girl Fruit

My dear friend, Lisa, leads a healthy lifestyle and is my go to source for workouts and heathy food choices. She made a beautiful pink Pitaya smoothie one day and posted about it on her instagram, @eatcleanla, and I needed to know more. I asked her to write this guest post for me on how to make this delectable delight. Her post is below. Love you girl! 🙂

Every couple of years the health food industry has a new star. Whether it’s an ancient grain from a far off place or a diet inspired by a cave man, these trends are everywhere.

It is safe to say that the Pitaya aka Dragon Fruit is the current “It Girl” on the health food scene. The beautiful fruit is native to Central America and can be found in Asia. It sprouts from a beautiful white flower that only opens its petals at night. The petals are burned off during the day by the sunshine and the fruit is all that remains. The Pitaya is jam packed with antioxidants, vitamin C, fiber, and is relatively low in sugar so it easily fits into any diet. The Pitaya is a perfect addition to smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal, salads, or simply eaten raw. This fabulous fruit has a mild taste somewhere between a pear and a beet and blends beautifully into a hot pink hue.

All of this nutritional value packed into this flirty little fruit! No wonder every “It Girl” on Melrose Ave is holding a florescent pink smoothie made with this fruit.

Lisa’s favorite Pitaya smoothie recipe is as follows:

1 pack of Pitaya Plus Smoothie Pack

1 banana

1 scoop vanilla protein powder

1/3 cup frozen pineapple

1 cup coconut water

Blend, top with shredded coconut, and enjoy!

Pitaya Plus Smoothie Packs retail for $39.99 for 16 packs and can be purchased at

You can also purchase at your local Whole Foods

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The Juice Craze Is All The Rage

The first time I saw a green juice I thought it looked so unappetizing. I wanted nothing to do with it. My friends urged me to try sips of their juices here and there and I would comply, but was never sold. That is until I discovered Pressed Juicery several years ago.

The store let me sample all the flavors I wanted and educated me on the benefits of each blend. I was on cold pressed juice overload. I enjoyed Greens 2 and the Almond milk the best, so purchased those and had a blissful start to my juice obsession.

Let me back up and give you a little background on Pressed Juicery, or as I like to refer to it, my happy place. The company was founded by partners Hayden Slater, Hedi Gores, and Carly de Castro. They were in search of a way to give modern gals like me a convenient way to help lead a healthy life on the go. Pressed Juicery sells their juices by the bottle, in smoothie form, and in a cleanse package. They offer a loyalty program where on your 10th visit, you get a free juice.

The flavors are bold, fresh, invigorating, and cleansing. The bright colors and flavors sing to me from my fridge urging me to start my day the healthy way. I drink them straight out of the bottle or sometimes make a smoothie out of them. One of my favorite smoothie blends is Greens 1, a banana, and a bit of almond or coconut milk. It is creamy, smooth, and delicious.

My current favorite flavors are as follow:

Greens 1: kale, spinach, celery, parsley, romaine, and cucumber

Coconut Cinnamon: coconut meat, coconut water, cinnamon

rhubarb, strawberry, raspberry, watermelon, pineapple

The good news is Pressed Juicery can be shipped all over the US and the average price of a bottle is $6.50

Visit for details on their many LA locations and online ordering

Juice Served Here is another one of my favorite juice spots here in LA. One plus about the juices here is they come packaged in a eco friendly glass bottle and they have a recycling program. For every 10 bottles you bring back, you get a free juice. Now the juices are a bit more expensive than Pressed Juicery, but you get a bit more per serving and they have interesting flavors, one of which includes detoxifying charcoal and another being soup in a bottle.

My favorite flavors are as follow:

Green Milk which contains Alkaline water, cashew, almond, hazelnut, spinach, romaine, kale, parsley, date and vanilla bean.

Cream Party which is one of the BEST things I have ever tasted and contains young coconut meat and mature coconut meat, pressed into a milk which is so smooth, creamy and delicious. I crave this often.

The juices at Juice Served Here are around $11 each

Check out their site at or visit their LA store at 8366 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA