The Devil Wears Prada…Her Assistant Wears Thigh High Chanel

We all remember the moment when Andy gets her much needed makeover in The Devil Wears Prada movie. Anne Hathaway’s character Andy starts out as a frumpy journalist wearing three seasons old cerulean blue sweaters and, GASP, clogs. As the movie progresses and she has her light blub moment, or as Oprah would say, her Ah Hah, moment, she makes a visit to the coveted closet of Runway Magazine.

The closet is every girls dream filled with designer clothing, shoes, handbags, jewels and makeup. She is handed countless items without a bat of an eye, thousands of dollars and hopes and dreams of women everywhere just given to her as she is in such desperate need. Hours later she returns to her desk and the First Assistant, Emily, is shocked into silence, as is Gilsele Bunchen’s character, at her appearance. She looks chic, timeless, fantastically fashionable, and best of all, confident. She is wearing the thigh high Chanel boots. From the moment I saw them on the screen, I lusted over them. The way they perfectly fit and made her outfit edgy, but classy all at the same time. I’m sure you all felt the same. The transformation was breath taking and made us all wish we were her. Well, most of us can’t have the boots, but we can watch the movie and lust after all the beautiful ensembles featured in the show. So, break out the pink champagne, invite a few girlfriends over and agree to freeze frame the parts of the movie that feature your fashion favorites, and then watch it all over again.


The Need For Tweed

Tweed is a classic fabric that exudes class and refinement. Coco Chanel comes to mind when I see tweed. The knobby material intricately woven in jackets, skirts, and shorts matched with pearls is the definition of a classy outfit.

Tweed is a rough, unfinished woollen fabric of a soft, open, flexible texture.  It is made in either plain or twill weave and may have a check or herringbone pattern. The multi color effects are obtained by twisting together differently coloured woollen strands into a two- or three-ply yarn.

I wear my tweed jackets with denim and skirts and love a tweed short with tights and a blouse. I often toss on a strand of pearls to perfectly compliment the look or edge it up a bit with an ear jacket and stacked bracelets. Which ever combination you choose, a tweed item is sure to fancify any outfit you choose.

Vintage Chanel tweed jacket retails for $2500 and can be purchased at

Romeo + Juliet tweed jacket is on sale for $95 and can ber purchased at

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Rachel Zoe tweed jacket retails for $250 and can be purchased at


Fringe Benefits

Fringe was made popular in the 1920’s by flappers. The dresses represented fun and flash. It has currently been popping up everywhere in the fashion world.

The Herve Leger Resort 2015 collection previewed many dresses with fabulous fringe swaying back and forth on the runway. Many a starlet has been spotted carrying the new “It” bag made by Chanel with quilting and fringe. Prada made a peep toe, suede bootie with fringe dangling from the ankle adding drama and intrigue to the heel. 

I like how fringe can add a bohemian or western feel to an outfit. It lends a sort of approachableness to any ensemble. A dress with fringe is also very fun to dance and spin in, you will be sure to be the center of attention. This tasseled trend is a fun way to spice up any outfit and can be eased into. 

Whether you choose a little or a lot of fringe, you are sure to have fun and make a fashion statement. 


Nautical Chic

A friend of mine was going boating on her birthday and needed the perfect outfit for the day on the water. She enlisted my help in her quest for a nautical chic look. I immediately thought of navy blue, gold, red, and white. These colors remind me of a sailors uniform and a classic palette.

I had a few options in mind. The first being, crisp, white shorts with a light weight navy sweater, thick linked gold necklace, a boat shoe and a red lip. The next being a navy dress, white open stitched sweater tossed over the shoulders, a gold sandal, and a red lip. The last being a more casual, fun look of lived in jean shorts or jeans, a white or red sweater, maybe even has an anchor or fun boat related saying printed on it, a stack of bracelets or a vintage Chanel earring, and red flats.

We ended up hitting the jackpot for the classic look at Banana Republic and they were having one of their amazing 40% off sales which made everything super affordable. She went with a pair of white denim shorts, a navy three quarter sleeve sweater, a thick gold linked necklace, a white Sperry boat she she already owned, and a bright red lip. Her look was on point for a Boating Birthday Bash.

I have included photos below for inspiration for you for your summer boating excursions. These looks are fit for a fancy yacht on the deep blue sea as well as a day trip off your neighborhood harbor.



All That Glitters Is Gold

I am currently obsessed with gold jewelry. Chunky, bold statement necklaces, vintage door knocker Chanel earrings, layered chain necklaces, delicate stackable rings and bracelets, bangles, ear jackets, and studs. More is more in the case of gold jewelry.

I’m not saying wear everything all at once, but tastefully pairing the gold together to best suit your mood and outfit. I was recently invited to the Jacquie Aiche showroom to view the collections and partake in the ultimate jewelry sale. I had been coveting the spiked gold ear jacket and ruby ear piece ever since spotting the pair on Kate Mara. The timing was serendipitous and I was able to snag an ear jacket of my own at a fraction of the price. I was reeling with excitement. My friend Jen and I were like kids in a candy store, scooping up all the pretty treasures to try on and purchase. To our delight, they were even applying gold jewelry tattoos in the back garden for the party. Our inner Bohemian Goddesses were let out that day to shine.

When it comes to jewelry I tend to follow the rules of statement necklace, small stud earring, delicate bracelets, maybe a small ring. Layered delicate necklaces, maybe one has an initial, small stud, stacked bracelets optional. Bold earring, one delicate necklace, stacked rings if you must. The options could go on and on, but the point is statement earrings or statement necklace is the rule. Choose one bold piece to complete your outfit as if it were the icing on the cake, the rest of the jewelry are just the sprinkles.

My favorite places to buy gold jewelry from are Jacquie Aiche (for everything), Natalie B (for vintage locket pieces), and EF Collection (for delicate earrings).