Lovely Lavender

Shortly after my friend Melissa got engaged, we went to a few bridal shops so she could try on dresses. One of the stores smelled so incredible. The secret to the intoxicating scent was the slow burn of an Archipelago Lavande candle.

We wanted to purchase it, but they were sold out, so we left empty handed. I had forgotten about that candle until someone recently asked me if I could find a candle that would make their place smell amazing and preferably Lavender scented. I immediately thought of the lovely lavender candle from the bridal shop and luckily, they had them back in stock. It was as comforting and beautifully scented as I remembered. The candle is comprised of a well balanced mix of lavender and thyme and is a soy based wax, which burns cleaner than other wax.

The Archipelago candle can be purchased at for $30.

Trust me, this candle will be your new obsession and go to house warming gift. Enjoy the gentle flicker of the flame and the lingering scent for a cozy night in on the couch watching your favorite shows.