Cozy Cardigan

The weather in LA is still a bit gloomy from all the rain this week. It is a welcome departure from the sunshiny bliss, but it is chilly. Well…chilly by LA standards. Sorry to all of you that live in states that are in full on winter wonderland, snow covered street torture, err, I mean weather.

I went shopping with my friend, Randi, in Beverly Hills the other day and we stumbled into one of our favorite stores, Planet Blue. The finds there are always on point and have a bohemian flair to them. I found this Denver cardigan by Eternal Sunshine Creations that I fell in love with. The only problem is there was only one left and it was a size M/L. I tried to make it work and to be honest it looked great a little big and drapey, but it was just not the best fit. I will continue to search for it in the correct size and by all means encourage all of you to compete to snap up the only remaining sweater at the Beverly Hills store and brag to everyone that will listen that you scored the last one. For now I will daydream about owning it and settle for the two posted pictures for you to fall in love with too.


image image


I Die For Tie Dye

Tie Dyed clothes have been around forever. Remember making them with your mom with buckets filled with colored dye, rubber bands and white clothing? The messy, easy way to get creative with clothing is cycling around again.

Living in Southern California, I also think of hippies and the Venice Boardwalk when I think of tie dye. But tie dye can be pretty and lovely if done correctly. Several brands do this well and my favorites are listed below.

Planet Blue’s in house brand, Blue Life has great options. Gypsy 05 has easy breezy dresses and Raquel Allegra makes the best gauzy tees and dresses.

Leave the dye alone and purchase your items from the sites below.

Planet Blue

Raquel Allegra

Gypsy 05


Orlando Pita’s Japanese “Sumo Knot”

I came across the images from Carolina Herrara’s S/S 2015 NYFW show and was inspired by the hairstyle I saw.

Famed hairstylist, Orlando Pita created a Japanese “Sumo Knot” for the models for the show. The result was this sleek, beautifully crafted top knot, with half the ponytail left out and flatted and sprayed in place. It was like a work of art on top of each model’s head. I am in love with it and can’t wait to have one of my hairstylists recreate it on me.

The look was sponsored by CHI/BioSilk and the breakdown of how to get the look is below.

1. Apply a generous amount of BioSilk Firm Hold Hairspray to a brush and the hair and use it to sculpt the hair into a sleek ponytail with a large CHI Turbo Nylon Brush that is placed 2 inches below the crown area. Secure the ponytail with a band.

Orlando Pita: “If the model’s hair had texture or curl, I blow dried it straight first with the CHI TOUCH Touchscreen Blow Dryer.”

2. Run the CHI G2 Ceramic & Titanium Digital Hairstyling Iron through the length of the ponytail so it is sleek and smooth.

3. Spray a generous amount of BioSilk Firm Hold Hairspray onto the length of the ponytail and while damp take a tail comb and the CHI G2 Ceramic & Titanium Digital Hairstyling Iron to gently fold the ponytail in half to form an off-center looped bun shape while bringing the remaining hair down the center to form a tail and secure with an elastic band.

Orlando Pita Tip: “The tail comb and BioSilk Firm Hold Hairspray are essential to shape, mold and bend the hair into a loop. This is the most intricate part of the style. The ideal component of the BioSilk Firm Hold Hairspray is that it gives hold while still letting the hair to remain flexible.”

4. To create the ultra-sleek tail and add length to it, use an extension sprayed with BioSilk Firm Hold Hairspray and straightened with the CHI G2 Ceramic & Titanium Digital Hairstyling Iron. Cut the ends on a sharp angle and attach under the loop blending it over the existing tail and secure with pins.

5. Take a separate piece of extension about 2-3” in width spray it with BioSilk Firm Hold Hairspray and straighten with the CHI G2 Ceramic & Titanium Digital Hairstyling Iron to form a ribbon-like piece. Wrap around the elastic band to hide it.

6. Apply BioSilk Shine On Spray to complete the look.


Knee High Socks

Fall is fast approaching and knee high socks are the perfect transition piece to add into your wardrobe. These fuzzy finds will keep you cozy and warm as the leaves fall and the weather dips.

I love how they add a school girl touch or bohemian vibe to any outfit and can be worn dressy or casual. There are so many versions with prints, colors, and various thickness. I love the look of a thicker sock and a sweater for lounging around at home or at the cabin. Curl up with a good book, fashion magazine, or movie and add hot cocoa with marshmallows for the perfect Saturday in. Pair a thiner sock with a skirt or dress and tuck them into a boot for a night out on the town.

This look is one of my favs and I can’t wait to break them out of my dresser now that it is fall.


Bohemian Chic White Dress

There is nothing that screams California Girl more than a beautiful, ethereal, white bohemian dress and sun kissed hair. I will blog about the hair color at a later time.

White dresses are such an easy, breezy way to add to your wardrobe for summer, and for those of us lucky enough to live in a warm climate, are a staple to have year round. I love the deconstructed ease of a bohemian style dress and what that means to me is flowy fabrics, easy cuts, could be backless or strapless, and ready to toss on at a moments notice.

I love the look of white against tan skin, mine is most often spray tanned, but if you are a sun worshiper be sure to slather on the SPF. Gold jewelry pairs brilliantly with this, see my post “All That Glitters Is Gold” for some great ideas. Add a great flat sandal or a nice summer wedge heel and the look is ready for a pool party or the beach.

My favorite brands of white boho dresses are Line & Dot, Jen’s Pirate Booty, and Nightcap Clothing. You can actually find most of these brands at