Front Row Fashion

NYFW has just ended and the new fashions will be available to the general public soon enough. The fashion forward crowd and exclusive front row guests at the shows must dress to impress. The front row attendees are closely watched and the seats in this prime position are highly coveted. There are a few essentials you need to look the part of front row fabulous.

Oversized glamourous sunglasses are a must. A dark lense is preferable, but a standout frame with gradient lenses will do. Some of my favorites are by Prada and Chanel. Unless you are Anna Wintour, please do not keep them on for the show, but only upon entry for a look-at-me moment as well as to shield your eyes from the camera flashes that are there to catch the celebrity seated beside you.

A small bag that can easily rest on your lap or tuck under your chair is best. You will need to bring the essentials with you, but do not want to be the one who adds to the trip factor by schlepping a big bag to the show and resting it by your feet.

Statement jewelry, whether delicate or not, and a banging shoe are necessary to standout amongst the fashion elite. If you keep your outfit simple and classy, but punch it up with the accessories and shoes, you will never end up on the worst dressed list. It does not matter is you wear a dress or pants, but dress to impress.

I have included a few of my favorite front row looks from this past week.