Dating Diary


Do you remember that old principal, Keep It Simple Stupid? Well I remember and I am not calling men stupid, just advocating that sometimes keeping it simple impresses women the most.

I have had some of the best dates when men have kept the planning simple, thoughtfully geared toward what I like, and just relaxed. Sometimes we stress ourselves out about how to make things so grand and perfect, that we lose the intent and result we wanted to achieve.

The goal should be to make your date happy and to get a smile or happy tears in return. I know the goals get a little more sexual these days, but let’s revert to what dating used to be. The chivalrous, simple way of dating was so much less confusing.

Flowers always appreciated whether hand delivered or sent to the office or home. A fun, inexpensive ice cream date or glass of wine on a beautiful patio, watching the sunset can impress just as much as being whisked away on a fancy date. I appreciate both, but the dates with pure intent are always the ones that are well remembered.

Look at Lady and The Tramp. The Tramp couldn’t afford to take Lady anywhere fancy, but made her so happy by giving her the last meatball and putting her first.

Set the bar high gentleman and plan a great simple date guaranteed to win us over.

Dating Diary

Guys That Get It

The best way to win my heart is through chivalry and being your true, authentic self. Growing up I had great examples of traditional dating roles in my father and my grandfather. The behaviors by men that were instilled in me from a young age were as follow.

A man that likes you opens the door, picks up the check, buys you flowers, showers you with affection, and verbalizes that you are special to him. There is no question where you stand and confidence in the relationship isn’t an issue. For example, my father sometimes brought flowers home for my mom on a random day and always left chocolates on our pillows on Valentine’s Day. I am a very open person and share my dating stories with anyone who will listen, but one of my favorite parts of my relationship with my late grandfather was to update him on my dating life.

My favorite dating conversation with him went like this. “Grandpa, I went out on a date with this guy and we met at this Italian restaurant.” He stopped me right there and said, “Wait, are you telling me this young man didn’t pick you up?” I replied, “Yes grandpa, sometimes guys don’t pick you up these days, you just meet at a location.” He was astonished and asked, “Well did he even spring for your gas?” I couldn’t stop laughing. The thought of my date handing me gas money had me in stitches.

While it was a funny conversation, the point my grandpa was trying to make was that the man is¬†the¬†protector and provider. I know times have changed and am totally for women conquering the workplace but there is just something innate in me that craves the three P’s. Provide, Profess, Protect. You don’t need to be private jet wealthy or buy me Chanel bags (in fantasy land that would be nice), but you do need to make sure there is a roof over my head, i never go hungry, and the romance never falters.

Dating is a two way street and I will do my part, but I am just sharing why “Guys that get it” will always be one step ahead in getting the girl. Chivalry is not dead and goes a long way. So on the way home tonight, buy some flowers or chocolates from the corner store, give your sweetheart a hug and a kiss upon walking in the door and tell her it is “just because.”