All Things Foodie

Satisfying Little Snack

I love chips!! There, I said it. My name is Trisha, I live in Los Angeles and I eat carbs. Lol.

Many of my friends here in LA eat clean and I love them for it and sometimes wish I could be more like them. I on the other hand, eat plenty of things that usually garner a bit of teasing when I eat them. One example is sometimes I eat ice cream for dinner or I run to the store and get a small bag of Doritos as a snack. Well, I am always on the hunt for better options of the foods I love and I have found it in Late July Nacho Chipotle chips.

The flavor is all natural and the chips are gluten and GMO free. They are also lacto vegetarian and Kosher. I am always skeptical to try these alternate versions of my guilty pleasure, go-to favorites, but in this case, I was pleasantly surprised. The Nacho Chipotle flavor is super good and just a touch spicy. I am not one for spicy foods, so I am telling you, it is just the slightest spicy kick at the end of each bite that keeps this chip interesting. The flavor combo will definitely snap you out of your boring work day and put a little pep in your step.

The Late July brand is so great that they donate 10% of their profits to causes that benefit children and the planet. So take that all you LA carb haters! I am actually doing good for humanity while snacking on my chips.

I purchased mine at Pavillions for $3.79.


Not Your Daddy’s Camouflage

Growing up in Nebraska, I was surrounded by men that liked to hunt. My dad was no exception. He was in the Air Force and on weekends, liked to hunt with his buddies. Whenever he left the house, he was fully outfitted in camouflage gear to blend in with nature’s surroundings.

Naturally, I was the most girly girl around, the total opposite of wanting to hunt or be decked out in camo. My how the times have changed and while I am still as girly as can be, I am loving anything in a camouflage print. I recently got a pair of jogger style sweatpants from Splendid called the Woodbury Camo Pant. It is the perfect combination of muted colors including a sage green and light grey mix. The fabric is cotton and is so incredibly soft and comfortable, I think I may live in these for a while. The best part is they can be dressed up or down. I know it is hard for many of you to consider sweatpants as an outfit to wear outside of the house unless you are ill, but seriously, don’t knock it until you try it.

I love to lounge on my couch in cute sweats, have a girls’ night in, or cozy date night, but another great way to wear them is with a basic white or grey t-shirt and a cute heel. I prefer a stacked heel over a stiletto, but play with it and wear what works for you. Make sure to pull the cuff on the pant up a little on your calf to create a dressier look. Toss on a leather or denim jacket and your look is “out on the town” ready.

The Woodbury Camo Pants retail for $128 at and I paired them with the  U-Neck Scoop T-shirt ($48) and Jayla heels in Nude ($158) also both from Splendid.

Happy Shopping and comment below on how you style your favorite camouflage looks.