Wonderful Wunder Under

I love Lululemon workout clothes. They are a little pricey, but they hold up well and are very stylish.

I feel confident enough to run errands and such pre or post workout in my Lululemon outfits because I still feel “dressed.” The cut is always flattering and the comfort level is amazing. I also feel like the thick waistbands on the styles I choose tend to be perfect for concealing my midsection as they help me suck it all in. I love they way the pants make my butt look as well. My all time favorite pair of pants is the Wunder Under. This style of pant is cut perfectly for my body type and is ultra comfortable. The materials they choose for this style are often softer than the rest. The fabric they use for this is called Luon which has four-way stretch.  Lycra is then added to maintain shape.

There are many different colors, lengths and patterns, but they tend to sell out fast. So when you find one you like in your size, buy it on the spot because it may not be there when you come back.

Check out all the different styles of Wunder Under pants at


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