The Los Angeles Flower Market

The Los Angeles Flower Market is located downtown and supplies all the flowers for the florists in town. I have always wanted to experience this unique market and finally made it down the other morning.

Upon entry you will have to pay a $2 admission fee and receive a badge that allows you to purchase anything in the market. The lovely scent of the flowers heavily perfumes the air and is so enticing as you walk around the warehouse. The vibrant colors and all the different varieties of flowers is astonishing. There are so many roses, hydrangeas, orchids, dahlias, and much more ready for arranging. The vendors also sell pre made arrangements ready to deliver. There are several stands that also sell vases and crystals so you can get straight to work on your masterpiece as soon as you get home. I walked around the entire warehouse first to take it all in and scout out which ones I wanted to take home.

I ended up choosing yellow roses, eucalyptus, baby’s breath, pink edged yellow roses, and purple dahlias. I also bought several vases including some very cool gold ones. I love when people give me flowers, so I was super excited to get home with all my goodies and start arranging. I made an arrangement for my friend Lindsay’s birthday, for my sister just because, for my friend Yoon Jin’s promotion, and a few small ones for my apartment. I had a lot of fun delivering these flowers to everyone and making them happy.

The flowers at the market are very affordable and the roses last a long time. The dahlias died the next day, so I would not purchase them again, although they were pretty. The hours of the market for the public are Monday and Wednesday 8am-12noon, Tuesday and Thursday 6am-11am, Friday 8am-2pm, and Saturday 6am-2pm.

The Los Angeles Flower Market is located at 745 Wall St between 7th and 8th. There is meter parking on the street and a few pay lots close by.


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