My mom used to use Nailtiques in the 90’s to strengthen her nails. If we had a broken nail or our nails were thin, she would paint a little on our nails too.

I used to get gel manicures and loved how shiny the polish was, how strong my nails felt, and the amazing designs I could get. While these manicures have many perks to them, I had a bad experience this last round and it left my nails brittle, peeling, and weak.

I decided to give Nailtiques a try to see if it could repair my worse for wear nails. I purchased the formula #2 treatment, which contains keratin, gelatin, and calcium to build a healthy nail foundation. The protein formula bonds the nail layers together to create a strong nail that is resistant to chipping, peeling, and splitting.

I applied the formula to my nails as a base under my polish and saw a dramatic improvement after just one week. I have continued to use the formula for a month and my nails are almost as good as new. nailtiques


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