Barrettes have come a long way since the 80’s. Remember those little plastic barrettes made by Goody that your mom used to pin your hair out of your face for school? I loved those!

The barrettes I see today are beautiful, ornate, and fit for the red carpet. I love the gold grecian leaf designs, crystal embellished styles, and leather studded ones. The femininity and delicate details are what draw me to them. I picture myself wearing a beautiful dress with my loose waves pinned back into a barrette or wearing jeans and a white tee with straight hair pinned in a leather rocker inspired version.

The bonus of wearing a barrette is keeping the hair out of your face and easily being able to unsnap the closure and change your hairstyle quickly. The pretty little metal detail is sure to finish your outfit and bring back those fond grade school memories.

I have pictured my favorites by Jennifer Behr, Henri Bendel, and others.

The Jennifer Behr barrettes can be purchased at

The Henri Bendel barrette can be purchased at


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