All Things Foodie

Wellness Shot

The Wellness and Cold + Sinus shots from Earth Bar gives a whole new meaning to taking shots. Whenever I feel a cold coming on or a little run down, I head straight to Earth Bar and down one of these shots.

The Wellness shot contains Fresh Lemon, Ginger, Oregano Oil, Garlic Extract, & Cayenne Pepper. It has a little kick on the way down, but will help push out whatever is making you sick.

The Cold & Sinus shot is a Wellness Shot + Horseradish, Echinacea, & Other Immune Boosting Herbs. This shot is super potent and spicy, but is sure to clear your sinuses.

I usually chase my shots with an orange slice and drink lots of water after. Take them two days in a row to really get rid of what is ailing you.

These shots can be purchased at Earth Bar. They are located in the Equinox gyms in Southern California and independently. Visit for more information.


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