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Two Ingredient “Pancakes”

One of my favorite healthy breakfasts to make only takes two ingredients. Two eggs and a ripe banana. These make up thin, crepe like pancakes that are light and delicious.

Peel one ripe banana and put into a bowl. Blend well with a hand mixer to create a fluffy banana base. Crack two eggs into the banana puree and whip until frothy. Take a 1/4 measuring cup and measure out this amount of batter and pour onto a greased, preheated pan. The pan must be heated just below medium heat because these pancakes cook quickly and tend to burn fast. I use coconut oil spray to grease the pan. Use a metal spatula a flip the pancakes once the top is covered in bubbles and the bottom is a beautiful golden brown color. They will only need about 30 seconds to finish cooking on this side.

Once they are all ready, put on a plate and you can top with fresh fruit, greek yogurt, agave or all three!


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