The Future Is Bright…You Better Wear Shades

All the cool kids have the best sunglasses, up with the trends. I was determined to veer from my classic black shades and add some new shades into my mix.

I had been oogling those blue mirror shades everyone has been sporting, and some shades with interesting sides. I luckily was gifted a pair of Quay Eyewear with blue mirrored lenses, so one down. When shopping with my mom recently, I found a pair of Prada sunnies that remind me of Willy Wonka or Iris Apfel and have put them on my wish list.

I love the red Valentino Rock Stud sunglasses and everything by Wildfox. The “In” crowd is always one step ahead and when it comes to sunglasses, you should have your classic go-to pairs, but it is easy to play with fashion with this small accessory. When you are having a hungover day, or a makeup less outing, these sunglasses could make your look and help you keep your look on point.

Have fun with all the new styles out there and make a statement.


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