Plaid Is Rad

Fall is upon us and the weather is dipping into cooler temperatures. The leaves on trees are turning red, orange, and golden hues and the woodsy smell of bonfires delights my nose.

This time of year makes me want to throw on a flannel and roast some s’mores. I may not always be able to partake in this, but I can certainly dress the part.

Plaid was a staple of the 90’s, but worn in a much more grunge style. Any of you who watched ‘My So Called Life’ know what I mean. These Tartan prints have evolved into stylish shirts that fit the bill for fall. I love the look of a plaid flannel shirt and shorts, or paired with edgy, ripped jeans. You can tie the shirt around your waist and use it as more of an accessory than a top. The ease of this outfit and different ways to dress it up are the appeal.

I prefer my plaid prints to be bigger and the material to be soft rather than crisp.  I leave the top few buttons open, wear a statement necklace, and roll up the sleeves to create a casual, with a touch of rock and roll outfit.

I have chosen a few fall favorites below so you can achieve plaid perfection.

Rails shirts retail for $128 and can be purchased at

ACE shirts retial for $68 and can be purchased at



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