Burgundy Booties

My obsession for burgundy boots began when I saw Amber Heard on the cover of Company Magazine wearing the perfect booties in the color. The booties had gold hardware, cutouts, and were effortlessly trendy. I obviously HAD to have them. So what’s a girl to do? Well being in the industry, I was lucky enough to be able to call her publicist, and to my surprise she had the advance copy of the magazine in her possession. She promptly opened it and located the brand of the boots in the spine of the magazine, where credits are located. The answer to my boot stalking was Miss Selfridge. 

I was so happy about this new found knowledge that I jumped online and purchased a pair. They were shipped to my home and I strutted my stuff in my new booties and got compliments from all my friends. These booties are so cute and were around $100, such a bang for my buck. 

Visit the Miss Selfridge website for similar styles and check out the cute clothes while you are there.


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