White On White

Even though the rule is no white after Labor Day, I love the look of white on white and will continue to wear it after this holiday. If you only try one trend, make this combination it. The result is flawless and classic. 

I love pairing white jeans, shorts and skirts with white tees and blouses for casual and dressy looks. There is something so beautiful about crisp white jeans and a white blouse. So classy and understated. Head to toe white is a modern way to makeover your closet.

I used to be so scared of spilling red wine on my all white look, that I rarely ventured out of the house in my outfits. I have since gotten more brave and have thrown caution to the wind to be able to rock this dreamy creamy look. And it is worth it. Every time I step out in this look I get so many compliments and feel elegant and confident.

This monochromatic look is sure to please for every occasion, so come up with different combinations to easily interchange. Play with textures and cuts to diversify your whites. White on white can easily transition from day to night. So keep it bright and rock your white! 



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