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Milk Jar Cookies- Cookie Heaven

My friend Light knows I love cookies. I love to bake them and eat them. He has even been lucky enough to be on my holiday cookie delivery list. Yes, I have a list and I actually drive them to each of my friend’s homes to personally deliver the little morsels of joy to them. 

Light had gone to a new cookie shop called Milk Jar Cookies. He ranted and raved about it and told me I must try it. I admit, I am a pretty tough critic when it comes to cookies, so I didn’t rush to get there. Well, a client of mine, Lindsey who works for E!, asked if we could have our meeting at Milk Jar Cookies. It is located near their offices on Wilshire and I decided it was the perfect excuse to try the cookies. 

Milk Jar Cookies is a small shop that is so cute and exactly what I would want a cookie shop to be. It is simple and sweet, with pretty little details that make all the difference. The color palette is pastels and natural wood, with chandeliers made out of old fashioned milk jars. This store is cute as a button and the cookies are amazing. I usually never like the cookies I try better than my own, so this really impressed me. 

The flavors are creative and the cookies are dense. They sell local roasted coffee and milk from a local dairy and serve the beverages in mason jars with colorful stripped paper straws. Ice cream from a local creamery is used for their ice cream sandwiches and can be ordered on the side. It is the perfect place to catch up with a girlfriend or bring your children for a special treat. They even deliver their cookies for gifts. I was so impressed I sent a dozen to a dear friend the next day. They have gift boxes starting at amounts of half a dozen up to four dozen. There is also a “Cookie of the Month” delivery option. Delivery is available to most destinations in the United States. 

My favorite flavor was the Chocolate Pecan Caramel. I have included a link to their website below where you can find the full list of flavors and ordering info. I recommend you drop by the shop if you find yourself in LA and enjoy these circle shaped sweet treats. 

Milk Jar Cookies 5466 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036  323-634-9800


Beauty Is Skin Deep, Feed Your Soul

I believe that beauty comes from within. You must feed your soul and speak your truth. Being authentic to yourself will always keep you on top. 

A great way to feed your soul is to take care of yourself, and for this post is a bit of play on wording because it is about SoulCycle. SoulCycle is a 45 minute spin class that is no ordinary workout class. 

The SoulCycle method engages and empowers riders in a way that leaves them mentally and physically stronger than when they arrived. The classes are instructed by candlelight, with encouraging phrases etched on the walls, and pumped u tunes blaring from the speakers. Everyone rides at the same pace and pedals to the beat of the music. 

Weight lifing, arm exercises and stretching are incorporated to the curriculum and every class ends with a mantra to nurture your soul. Spin shoes are needed and can be rented for $3 or you can bring your own. Showers are on premises and lockers are provided and outfitted with their own locks. Forget part of your workout outfit? No sweat. They have a shop where you can purchase what you need and even what you don’t. 

Class schedules are posted online every Monday at noon and can be booked for that Tuesday through the following Monday. Classes fill up quick, so be sure to hop online in time to snag a bike for the time you prefer with the instructor you like best. Cost of classes vary by region, but since I live in Southern California I will give you those prices and include the link below to research the fees for your area. The first class is $20, then $30 every class thereafter. You can purchase a series of classes and the more you buy, the more you save. 

Releasing endorphins through exercise will help you destress and unclutter the mind. Take care of your body, mind and spirt and you will glow from within. 

See all information on SouCycle at


Ravishing Rose Gold

Anyone that knows me gets my obsession with rose gold. Pink is my favorite color, so naturally I am drawn to rose gold. Rose gold is a mixture of pure yellow gold and copper, resulting in a rosy hue. In some cases, a touch of silver is added and the higher the copper content, the more red the gold will look. I like a lighter rose gold in more of a pretty pink color. 

Rose gold and a summer tan is my perfect combination. There are so many brands out there, but I have included my favorites for you below. Some are super affordable and others are on my wish list. 

I am a romantic at heart and rose gold reminds me of hand holding, flowers, and courtships. There is just something about the luxury of gold and the soft touch of pink that induces heart fluttering feelings. Get yourself some rose gold and keep the romance alive. 

Ippolita jewelry can be purchased at

Anita Ko jewelry can be purchased at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills (310) 550-5900

Michael Kors watch retails for $250 and can be purchased at


Teen Spirit At The Teen Choice Awards

The Teen Choice Awards celebrity red carpet arrivals exuded teen spirit. My favorite look of the night were the cropped ensembles that have been turning up at every fashion event for quite some time. There was something special about the choice of this look for this particular event. 

It reminded me of my cropped cheerleading uniform I wore as a teenager in high school and the joy being part of the squad brought me. I enjoyed reminiscing about my early years through watching the red carpet coverage and am loving how all the trends of that time are back again. 

I have attached photos below of my favorite cropped looks from the awards that range from a sliver of skin peeking out, to full taunt tummy baring boldness. I purchased a cropped top and A-line skirt by the brand Parker that highlights a tiny sliver of skin, but I encourage you to be a daring as you like. Have fun with this look and be on trend. 


James Bond, Or Dressing Like Him

There is just something so sexy about a well dressed man. I love a man in a suit. He exudes power, confidence, and mystique. It must be all those James Bond movies that get a girl’s mind wandering about what the guy does for a living, how he has such impeccable taste, and how good she would look on his arm. 

I used to style men for fancy men’s magazines and picked up a few tricks of the trade to help guide a man into this fashion direction. First, tailoring is everything, so make friends with a great tailor and get the fit right. Second, accessories and shoes are a must and should not be skimped on. When dressing for success, shell out the extra cash for quality and you will be glad you did. Ever hear of the phrase, “dress for the job or life you want,” well there is a reason for that. Make no mistake, I am not suggesting you beg, borrow, and steal to achieve this look. Get what you can afford, or wait for the luxury brands to go on sale, but the brands I love are certainly worth it and make my heart go pitter pat. 

John Varvatos makes amazing suits. I love that they are slimmer cut and more often than not, have a bit of fashion forward appeal in the details. It may be a sheen or a pattern that makes it a little rock and roll, but in the best way possible. The three piece options are so versatile as you can lose the jacket and go for the vest, tie, pant look, with a signature Varvatos sleeve roll on the shirt, for a more casual, dressy look. The black tux with a skinny tie is also one of my favorite looks of this line because it is classic with a touch of edginess that keeps this brand anything but run of the mill. 

Theory has the market on the affordable, off the rack classic, well cut suits. I love the color selection this line offers as well, in particular the light beige and navy suitings, perfect for summer and fall. The fit is slimmer and has a bit of stretch, making it comfortable and able to maintain its shape. The jackets pair well with jeans, to keep this suit multi faceted and well worth the price. 

Tom Ford. That is all. Just kidding. Tom Ford is the epitome of luxury. There is nothing sexier than a suit by Tom Ford, except who is wearing it. There is nary a red carpet where this brand is not credited. All of Hollywood lusts after his suits and in fact, Daniel Craig wore them in the James Bond movies. The fit and luxurious materials that compose a Tom Ford suit make all the difference. I also love how many of his designs feature bold prints, colors and accents. Even his bow ties are highly sought after. Which reminds me, I actually know how to tie one! 

No matter which brand you end up purchasing keep in mind the fit is the most important. If you must get a budget brand, please take it to a great tailor and alter it to fit you seamlessly. You will still look like a million bucks and your secret is safe with me. Add a little flair, not the ‘Office Space’ kind, by having fun with the tie, socks, and maybe even the shoe. Put your special twist on it and step out the door to wine and dine your special someone or close that big deal. 


Dry Shampoo Debate

There is one beauty product that is a lifesaver. It is dry shampoo. There are countless brands on the market, but few that I can truly count on. This post contains my favorite brands and why.

I was first introduced to dry shampoo as a styling product when I walked in a friend’s fashion show many moons ago. The brand was Bumble and Bumble and it was a brown colored spray that added grit, which made my hair super voluminous. I used it to bump my hair up, ready for a night full of dancing on the tables at the clubs.

When I started managing a high end salon in LA, I was introduced to the time and ‘lifesaving’ Oscar Blandi pronto dry shampoo. I like the loose powdered version that you shake out either onto a brush or apply to the roots with your finger tips. It has a light citrus scent that helps perk you up in the morning. This specific brand of dry shampoo really absorbs the oil at the roots, which refreshes your blowdry and helps you skip a shampoo if you are in a pinch. Make sure to rub the powder in completely to ensure you don’t end up looking like you are Marie Antoinette. But do eat the cake. 

I also like Serge Normant dry shampoo, which does absorb oil, but I prefer using for styling. It is known for its unique formulation using cedar bark extract. This product comes in spray form and you need to shake well and hold it several inches away from your roots during application. After spraying into roots, you can tease with a teasing comb to achieve additional volume before or/and after application if desired. Make sure the product is absorbed into the roots. You can also toss your head back and spray into the end of the hair for added oomph. The result is cover of Cosmopolitan ready hair. 

I was recently introduced to Kevyn Murphy Fresh Hair dry shampoo and it is a happy mix between the Oscar Blandi and Serge Normant dry shampoos. By this I mean that it has a lovely scent, absorbs oil, and adds a little grit for volume. This is an all around good choice for a dual purpose product. I like to spray into roots and work it in with my fingertips, then tease the areas I want added volume in. Or if I just need a little refresher at the end of the day, I toss my head back and give my hair a little spritz at the roots and the ends. Make sure to shake well before spraying. 

I honestly find a place in my beauty regimen for all three of these dry shampoos. They all serve a different purpose for styling. Dry shampoo has saved me countless times when running late to work or dashing home to quickly freshen up for an evening outing. Trust me, dry shampoo is worth the investment and time spent on practicing and perfecting the application you like best. If you have darker roots or hair like I do, do not be shocked when the spray is white. It will and does work for darker hair colors. You just need to get the application right and you will be well on your way to shaving off time of your beauty schedule and actually being on time for that hot date. 

Oscar Blandi pronto dry shampoo retails for $11 and can be purchased at

Serge Normant dry shampoo retails for $25 and can be purchased at

Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair retails for $25 and can be purchased at



Distressed Denim

Isn’t interesting how we pay lots of money for jeans that are destroyed? My parents are always still mind boggled as to why I want jeans like this. Well, I do want jeans like this and love the broken in feel of destroyed denim. The key to getting the perfect pair of these jeans is the placement and amount of rips, tears and fraying.

I have several pairs all with varying amounts of destruction. My favorite brands of denim with this look are Hudson, American Eagle, J Brand, and Frame. Although I do not own any of the famous ‘Le Color Ripped’ Frame denim yet. 

The Hudson Nico distressed denim have minimal distressing and are so comfortable on the account of stretch woven into the jeans. My American Eagle pairs are ripped in the best areas and get better and better with each wash, as they have become more destroyed with time. J Brand makes some great options that have rips at just the knee and around the pockets, which makes for an easy way to break into this trend. The Frame ‘Le Color Ripped’ denim are slashed from the upper thigh to the knees. These are definately more sexy and a tighter fit as well. I have had my eyes on these for a while and many of my friends own them in both black and white. 

Hudson Nico Mid Rise Distressed jeans retail for $198 can be purchased at American Rag Cie 

American Eagle Destroyed Jeggings retail for $49.95 can be purchased at 

J Brand Cropped Destroyed Skinny Jeans retail for $218 at can be purchased at 

Frame Le Color Ripped Jeans retail for $199 and can be purchased at