Beauty Is Skin Deep, Feed Your Soul

I believe that beauty comes from within. You must feed your soul and speak your truth. Being authentic to yourself will always keep you on top. 

A great way to feed your soul is to take care of yourself, and for this post is a bit of play on wording because it is about SoulCycle. SoulCycle is a 45 minute spin class that is no ordinary workout class. 

The SoulCycle method engages and empowers riders in a way that leaves them mentally and physically stronger than when they arrived. The classes are instructed by candlelight, with encouraging phrases etched on the walls, and pumped u tunes blaring from the speakers. Everyone rides at the same pace and pedals to the beat of the music. 

Weight lifing, arm exercises and stretching are incorporated to the curriculum and every class ends with a mantra to nurture your soul. Spin shoes are needed and can be rented for $3 or you can bring your own. Showers are on premises and lockers are provided and outfitted with their own locks. Forget part of your workout outfit? No sweat. They have a shop where you can purchase what you need and even what you don’t. 

Class schedules are posted online every Monday at noon and can be booked for that Tuesday through the following Monday. Classes fill up quick, so be sure to hop online in time to snag a bike for the time you prefer with the instructor you like best. Cost of classes vary by region, but since I live in Southern California I will give you those prices and include the link below to research the fees for your area. The first class is $20, then $30 every class thereafter. You can purchase a series of classes and the more you buy, the more you save. 

Releasing endorphins through exercise will help you destress and unclutter the mind. Take care of your body, mind and spirt and you will glow from within. 

See all information on SouCycle at


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