James Bond, Or Dressing Like Him

There is just something so sexy about a well dressed man. I love a man in a suit. He exudes power, confidence, and mystique. It must be all those James Bond movies that get a girl’s mind wandering about what the guy does for a living, how he has such impeccable taste, and how good she would look on his arm. 

I used to style men for fancy men’s magazines and picked up a few tricks of the trade to help guide a man into this fashion direction. First, tailoring is everything, so make friends with a great tailor and get the fit right. Second, accessories and shoes are a must and should not be skimped on. When dressing for success, shell out the extra cash for quality and you will be glad you did. Ever hear of the phrase, “dress for the job or life you want,” well there is a reason for that. Make no mistake, I am not suggesting you beg, borrow, and steal to achieve this look. Get what you can afford, or wait for the luxury brands to go on sale, but the brands I love are certainly worth it and make my heart go pitter pat. 

John Varvatos makes amazing suits. I love that they are slimmer cut and more often than not, have a bit of fashion forward appeal in the details. It may be a sheen or a pattern that makes it a little rock and roll, but in the best way possible. The three piece options are so versatile as you can lose the jacket and go for the vest, tie, pant look, with a signature Varvatos sleeve roll on the shirt, for a more casual, dressy look. The black tux with a skinny tie is also one of my favorite looks of this line because it is classic with a touch of edginess that keeps this brand anything but run of the mill. 

Theory has the market on the affordable, off the rack classic, well cut suits. I love the color selection this line offers as well, in particular the light beige and navy suitings, perfect for summer and fall. The fit is slimmer and has a bit of stretch, making it comfortable and able to maintain its shape. The jackets pair well with jeans, to keep this suit multi faceted and well worth the price. 

Tom Ford. That is all. Just kidding. Tom Ford is the epitome of luxury. There is nothing sexier than a suit by Tom Ford, except who is wearing it. There is nary a red carpet where this brand is not credited. All of Hollywood lusts after his suits and in fact, Daniel Craig wore them in the James Bond movies. The fit and luxurious materials that compose a Tom Ford suit make all the difference. I also love how many of his designs feature bold prints, colors and accents. Even his bow ties are highly sought after. Which reminds me, I actually know how to tie one! 

No matter which brand you end up purchasing keep in mind the fit is the most important. If you must get a budget brand, please take it to a great tailor and alter it to fit you seamlessly. You will still look like a million bucks and your secret is safe with me. Add a little flair, not the ‘Office Space’ kind, by having fun with the tie, socks, and maybe even the shoe. Put your special twist on it and step out the door to wine and dine your special someone or close that big deal. 


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