Distressed Denim

Isn’t interesting how we pay lots of money for jeans that are destroyed? My parents are always still mind boggled as to why I want jeans like this. Well, I do want jeans like this and love the broken in feel of destroyed denim. The key to getting the perfect pair of these jeans is the placement and amount of rips, tears and fraying.

I have several pairs all with varying amounts of destruction. My favorite brands of denim with this look are Hudson, American Eagle, J Brand, and Frame. Although I do not own any of the famous ‘Le Color Ripped’ Frame denim yet. 

The Hudson Nico distressed denim have minimal distressing and are so comfortable on the account of stretch woven into the jeans. My American Eagle pairs are ripped in the best areas and get better and better with each wash, as they have become more destroyed with time. J Brand makes some great options that have rips at just the knee and around the pockets, which makes for an easy way to break into this trend. The Frame ‘Le Color Ripped’ denim are slashed from the upper thigh to the knees. These are definately more sexy and a tighter fit as well. I have had my eyes on these for a while and many of my friends own them in both black and white. 

Hudson Nico Mid Rise Distressed jeans retail for $198 can be purchased at American Rag Cie 

American Eagle Destroyed Jeggings retail for $49.95 can be purchased at 

J Brand Cropped Destroyed Skinny Jeans retail for $218 at can be purchased at 

Frame Le Color Ripped Jeans retail for $199 and can be purchased at


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