‘Candidly Nicole’ Crown Braids

Crown braids are braids that form a cirle around the perimeter of the head. It lays on top of your head as a crown would. This style is very whimsical, romantic, and nicely frames the face. You can even add flowers to it to make it extra special. 

When I was managing the Andy Lecompte Salon, one of our clients, Nicole Richie, was filming her show ‘Candidly Nicole’ at the salon and decided to have a “Braid Off” bewtween she and top hairstylist, Andy Lecompte. I was selected as Nicole’s hair model for the competition. It was on! She chose to braid my hair into a lovely crown braid, leaving a few pieces out around my face for a more ethereal look. I was super impressed by her braiding skills and knack for twisting my hair into the awesome hairstyle in mere minutes. This girl has some serious talent and is hilarious too! 

I had so much fun that night, and to find out who won you will have to log onto the webisodes for ‘Candidly Nicole’ and watch the extended footage for the results. Her show has now been picked up by VHI so be sure to watch Thursday nights at 10/9c. 


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