Embellished Jackets

I am like a squirrel. I love all things that sparkle and shine and tend to hoard them. I am always on the lookout for a great embellished jacket. Tossing on a fancy jacket is a great way to dress up an outfit from day to night.

I often will wear a white or black tank with ripped jeans during the day and toss on a beautiful jacket in the car on my way to a date or drinks meeting. It changes the look of my outfit in an instant, making it more glamorous and suitable for night.

I love shopping for vintage or second hand versions because you can often find these gems at a fraction of the original retail price. My favorite places to hunt for these jackets are Wasteland, eBay, or my grandmother’s closet. I also like to shop for new glistening jackets because the cut on these tend to be more modern and feel fresh.

One thing I am adamantly against is breaking out your bedazzler and having your way with a black blazer. Save the swarovski sewing for the pros, and if you must, pony up the money and look at it as an investment piece. You will find yourself gravitating toward it more often than you think.

Find one this week and watch the compliments roll in.


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