Nine West’s new ads

Modern day advertising can be quite controversial. A campaign that is meant to be construed as cutting edge, hip, and influential can come off as offensive. The lines are often blurred between funny and rude. Everyone has their own opinions and ways that they take things, even if meant to be taken in the complete opposite way.

Nine West is currently taking some heat for their newest ad campaign that was released last week. They have paired interesting “life moments” with photos of their trendy shoes.  I understand where they were going with it, and at risk of being the unpopular voice, I found the ads entertaining. I didn’t take the words too seriously. However, I do not like the fact that they did not focus their advertising on the shoes, but rather on the topics. They have successfully garnered buzz around the product and brand, but I think the advertisements were more hurtful than helpful to the majority of their target buyers.

Nine West is such a well known brand for being affordable and accessible to everyone, but they have managed to ostracized themselves from many former fans of the line. The younger crowd seems to love these ads and can relate. Living in Los Angeles, I have seen ads far more risque than this and am hardly offended.

I hope this blows over soon and they are able to bounce back, but it just goes to show the best ideas may not translate as you had hoped. Best of luck to them in their revamp and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.


3 thoughts on “Nine West’s new ads

  1. divine beautease says:

    I love the ad! I think people need to not take advertising so serious. Television and advertisements are a part of the entertainment world. And if you don’t like it remember the more you complain the more buzz you generate towards it!


  2. Yolanda says:

    I can see where Nine West is going for the heartfelt ads and if you pair a strong emotion to the product, the public will remember the product longer. Shoes is not something I associate with those heartfelt ads though. I think sexy sells more shoes. People want to look good rather than feel good. People want to know that others will envy them in those shoes, no matter how uncomfortable. Even persons with bad feet want to look good in shoes. It’s a woman thang, ha, ha. Heartfelt works for coffee ads, Hallmark cards, holidays and turkey, and grandparents with babies. Shoes demands high octane wow wrapped in I gotta have it NOW.


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